In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My narcissism would it responsible for my nervousness ?

536) It is confirmed that abdominal breathing helps the calm.

537) However, I discovered that I breathe only and solely with chest.

538) As a result, from few days, I make a great effort to breathing only with the belly, but also for accept the unsightly protuberance that resulted.

539) It's hard, but it is a choice needs to be done.


Sophie said...

I didn't read everything you wrote in your jogging's errances (I'm not particularly good in english neither, querido), but the numerous leads of reflection are interesting and stimulating, thank you. I miss your so particular voice though... Next time do it with voice recording. Your level of narcissism is quite low indeed, my friend, pensandolo bien.

Momo said...

Hello my dear, thanks for your kind words. I see that you are experienced in matters of Blogs!!

I am going to walk through your blog.