In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dust and depression.

808) In my apartment, I move vacuuming* depending on my moods.

809) This results, in recent times, a large accumulation of dust*.

900) This drawing is supposed to represent the accumulated dust in a corner of my apartment.

901) I realized afterwards that this image is reversible.

- Vacuuming = vide, aspirateur, passer l'aspirateur
- Dust = poussière
- Upside down = à l'envers, sens dessus dessous.
- Afterwards = après, après-coup

Monday, April 28, 2008


802) A few days ago I had a sitting* of Microkinesi-Therapy.

803) The therapist has regained* all my injuries*, then she acts as though if she removed* some things in my body with his hands.

804) She promised me an improvement* in the next few days.

805) A little sceptic, I asked her if it is necessary to have faith* for that it works.

806) She said: "No, it's not necessary, because even animals are sensitive to this treatment.

807) Here is a therapy at the very least friendly* and accommodating.

(Thank you for help me translate this post)

- Sitting = séance.
- Regained = (composure, health) retrouver; (leadership) reprendre.
- Injury = (to limb, person) blessure, coup, atteinte.
- Wound = blessure, plaie,
- To remove = enlever, faire partir, résoudre, dissiper, ôter, renvoyer.
- Improvement = amélioration.
- Faith = (belief) foi, confiance.
- At (the very) least = Pour le moins, à tout le moins, tout au moins
- Friendly = amical, gentil,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Full moon

801) Nothing to report*, except for one thing: my sister telephone me always* at full moon.

-Report = 1. (account) rapport, compte rendu (presse), reportage 2. (scolarité) bulletin 1. (news, crime) rapporter, signaler 2) (make know) "to report that" annoncer que..."to report sb (to)" dénoncer qqn (à) 1. (give account) "to report (on)", faire un rapport (sur), (presse) faire un reportage (sur) 2. "to report (to sb/ for sthg)" se présenter (à qqn/pour qqch), "to report back (to)" présenter son rapport (à).
- Always = toujours

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"There are plenty of fish in the ocean"

- Plenty = abondance, "plenty of" beaucoup de, "We've got plenty of time" nous avons largement le temps, (anglais américain) "very" très.

I dedicate this post to Lilian:o)

Mnemonic trick - abysmal pain

- Knife = couteau, donner un coup de couteau, poignarder
- Bread = pain, "can we have some more bread ?" peut-on avoir un peu plus de pain ?
- Blood = sang, "in cold blood" de sang-froid, "it made me blood boil" cela m'a mis dans une colère noire, "it made my blood run cold" cela m'a glacé le sang, "it's in is blood" il a cela dans le sang, "new" ou "fresh blood" sang frais

Love disappointment and abysmal pain

- Disappointment = déception
- Pain = douleur (hurt), (to be in pain) souffrir
- Abysmal = épouvantable, abominable, (extreme) (stupidity, ignorance) profond,

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mnemonic trick - glance

- Glance = regard (rapide), coup d'oeil
- See = voir
- Watch = 1. (timepiece) montre 2. (act of watching) faire le guet, monter la garde, "to keep watch on sb/sthg" surveiller qqn/qqch. 3. (guard) garde. (Look at) regarder. (spy on, guard) surveiller. (Be careful about) faire attention à... Watch your language ! Surveille ton langage! "Watch it! attention!. Regarder. "Watch out", faire attention, prendre garde. "Watch over" veiller sur.
- Look = (mot très polysémique) ; (with eyes) regard, regarder. To take ou have a look (at sthg) regarder (qqch), jeter un coup d'oeil (à qqch), "to give sb a look" jeter un regard à qqn, regarder qqn de travers. (Search) "to have a look (for sthg)" chercher (qqch). (appearance) aspect, air. "To look (out) onto" donner sur... (seem) avoir l'air, sembler. Etc, etc...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snoring under the neon lights.

700) I was talking to myself when I went out of my house.

701) It was then that I felt a strong smell of sweat.

702) I turned my glance towards an imposing mass posed to ground.

703) A magnificent tramp sleeping at the entrance to my apartment.

704) He was wrapped in a blanket, next to a few cigarette butts.

705) My soliloquy awakened him.

706) He raised his head, looked at me with an air of dazed and interrogative, then went back to sleep without embarrassment.

707) I straddled over him, and I went to buy a big bar of chocolate.

708) Upon my return, he slept deeply, I introduced the key in the lock very slowly, and I closed the door without making any noise.

709) During that I edit this post I hear him snoring in front of my door.

800) Winter arrived late this year.

(Thank you for help me translate this post)

-Snoring = ronflements
- Smell = odeur
- Sweat = transpiration, sueur
- Glance = regard, coup d'oeil
- Toward = vers, en direction de, envers, pour
- Tramp = clochard, traîné, parcourir, battre, marcher d'un pas lourd
- Homeless = sans abris
- Wrapped = envelopper, emballer qqch (dans), enrouler qqch autour de qqch, entourer, enlacer,
- Blanket = global, général, (for bed) couverture, (of snow) couche, manteau, (of fog) nappe, recouvrir
- Raise = lever, augmenter, élever, soulever, (mémories) évoquer, (crops) cultiver, (build) ériger, élever, augmentation (de salaire).
- Dazed = (by blow) étourdi, (by shock, event), abasourdi, sidéré
- Straddle = enjamber, (chair) s'asseoir à califourchon sur,
- Upon = Soutenu sur, "upon hearing the news..." à ces nouvelles, "summer/the weekend is upon us" l'été/le week-end approche.

Monday, April 7, 2008


599) Apxtlxhi, mojvln, mlpzg, umznj, jwmaqukk, ywjzptic, qzejlimr, xxauar, nopnwens, isbaul, wxdml, lucvsmmw, onhrde, czneyxzx, dblocxmr, ivptq, tyxqos, ywikcqpd, ckuvjmx, sowdrjgd, ggrjvtd, idume, znchb, rwbqdsnh, wztkj, pbonm, ymofhycq, ewzvj, urffrkgc, xywyvar, gcongntz, rvleq, qaorbanr, cndvceet, ejmwz, bpohthmk, ktnxki, kvbku, …

600) Yes, you read it right.

601) Since some days, my dear friends, I collect words verification.

602) And I must admit that they fascinate me.

603) Or to be more precise, I am fascinated by the way these words don't say nothing, how they evade any meaning known.

604) Admittedly, there are sometimes words which are hovering the meaning, but they are rare.

605) If I try to write anything on my keyboard, in typing at random, I think it will not the same thing.

606) Let's try !

607) kjheksv, kbvés, sopitgh, jhbc, zpoiti, ldfs, lmbjhse, srvtnmu, bnmnhuy, ivrdnb, hbenu, rbvoab, cdnbg, vcsynfj, bcigbvi, nfgvcx, tdwvfder,cionbkl, kivjonf, okdfmsc, wnbzmj, givrtxyb, rnuo, jdfdewvf, dsegbgh, qexghk.

608) Hmm .. All things considered, I think that is exactly the same thing.

609) I am disappointed :-(

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Black moon

597) I now wonder whether the pace of the moon is the same on the other side of the world.

598) So I asked my favorite blogger, Tomas Bradanovic (in Spanich), who lives on the other side of the Atlantic, if the moon today is black in his country.

- Ask = demander
- Wonder = 1. (amazement), étonnement 2. (cause for surprise), "it's a wonder that (that)" c'est un miracle que..., "it's no ou little ou small wonder (that)..." il n'est pas étonnant que 3. (amazing thing, person) merveille "to work ou do wonders" faire des merveilles". 1. (speculate) "to wonder (if ou whether)" se demander (si). 2. (in polite requests) "I wonder whether you would mind shutting the window ?" est-ce que cela ne vous ennuierait pas de fermer la fenêtre ? 1. (speculate) se demander " to wonder about sthg" s'interesser sur qqch 2. littéraire (be amazed) "to wonder at sthg" s'étonner de qqch.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I decided to procrastinate my English intensive lessons :-( …

582) … because I am subject to a spate of very violent panic attacks.

583) Moreover*, I have anxiety and insomnia.

584) My doctor has prescribed sleeping pills and anxiolytics.

585) My mental state is so on the blink* that I can't to do anything*.

586) Not even this blog, which I find suddenly grotesque and useless*.

587) So much so that I have removed all the last posts.

588) I think that in this conditions I can not speak about other thing that of my health problems.

589) And nothing* else*.

590) Alas, how can I talk about my health problems without on myself feel pity ?

591) How can I talk about my small problems and my little mediocre existence without becoming lewd and indecent?

592) Herein lies the challenge.

593) There are bloggers which do it very well.

594) Personally, I find it difficult to talk about anxiety or depression when you yourself are depressed and anxious.

595) Indeed*, everything is difficult when you are depressed and anxious.

596) Remains to be know if it would can help me.

- Moreover = de plus, en outre
- Blink = clignements (of eyes), clignotement (of light), détraqué (on the blink)
- Anything = in négative sentence (I didn't see anything) je n'ai rien vu, in questions quelque chose, (anything else ?) et avec ceci ?, (if anything happens ?) s'il arrive quoi que ce soit ?, (anything but) pas du tout
- Useless = inutile, incompétent, nul
- Nothing = rien, (I've not got nothing to do) je n'ai rien à faire
- Else = (anything else) n'importe quoi d'autre, (anything else ?) et avec ça ? ce sera tout ?, (everyone else) tous les autres, (nothing else) rien d'autre, (someone else) quelqu'un d'autre, (something else) quelque chose d'autre, (somewhere else) autre part, (who/what else ?) qui/quoi d'autre ?, (where else ?) à quel autre endroit ?, (or else, or if not) sinon, sans quoi
- Lewd = obscène
- Indeed = vraiment, certainement, en effet, (very big/bad indeed) extrêmement grand/vraiment grand/mauvais