In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mind map of my blog (in french)

The flag in the middle of the diagram is not a celebration of England, he said simply that English is first and foremost a national language (click on the picture to enlarge)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My world tour with Google earth - I went the wrong way

531) I come to realize that I go the wrong way.

532) When I arrived at the magnetic north pole, instead of to go straight on, I did a bend of almost one hundred degrees, forming an angle like the number 1.

533) I understand what happened: from the north pole, all directions indicate the south because, paradoxically, there is no more north.

534) Therefore, the compass has indicated any direction.

535) So I have to make turn back.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My world tour with Google earth - I leave Greenland

524) Altitude: thousand eighty ten meters.

525) I approach quickly from the coast.

526) One hundred and thirty-fourth minute, I leave Greenland.

527) I glide on a multicolored sea, I see yellow, purple, green, brown, cobalt blue, Prussian blue, etc.…

528) It’s beautiful.

529) I also see what appears to be icebergs.

530) One hundred and forty-seventh minute, I stop there.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My world tour with Google earth.

511) I continue in a southerly direction.

512) With the exception of a chain of mountains on the horizon, I see only white.

513) A mountain perfectly white furthermore.

514) Hundred third minute, the mountain seems to have disappeared

515) A mirage ?

516) One hundred fourth minute, white, white, white.

517) One hundred fifth minute, I've crashed into what appears to be the mountain that I saw before.

518) I see only white, but I climbed suddenly at thousand one hundred meters.

519) The screen is so white that I see my floaters with a frightening clearness.

520) One hundred sixteenth minute, I see an irregularity on the horizon.

521) One hundred seventeenth minute, I see a piece of sea to my right.

522) One hundred and twentieth minute, I approach the Shore.

523) One hundred and thirtieth minute, I stop here for today.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Towards the south

499) After crossing the magnetic north pole, the compass has been reversed.

500) It indicates the south now.

501) Altitude: five hundred forty eight metres.

502) I fly on huge black spots.

503) Eighty fifteenth minute, a blue dot appeared on my right.

504) I make a detour to see that.

505) It is a photographic documentation in Japanese that shows waterfalls.

506) Hundredth minute, a huge white line appeared on the horizon.

507) I arrive at very high speed on a snowy shore.

508) It’s beautiful.

509) I plant a thumbtak here.

Michael Phelps sensation - the solutions.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Compass panic

477) I resume my world tour to the place where I stopped last time.

478) In the absence of any landmark space, it is difficult for me to say how fast I move.

479) Probably fairly quickly.

480) Altitude: One thousand and forty-four meters.

481) The sea covers almost the entire screen.

482) I do not see anything else, except an alternation of huge spots black and blue which pass slowly and silently.

483) The sky is gray.

484) Four-twenty-sixth minute, snowy shores appeared on the sides.

485) I suddenly feel of driving on a highway.

486) But the snowy shores soon disappear.

487) I don't know what happened.

488) And that, in the distance, what is it?

489) A bizarre icon appeared on the horizon.

490) A sort of golden frame with an effigy in the middle.

491) I am astonished to see an icon here.

492) I'm now very close to the thing.

493) In fact, it's a sort of arch with a sort of blue sphere in the middle.

494) The sea seems to converge in that point, as if it irradiated from there

495) The compass seems to panic.

496) The label states: true magnetic north pole.

497) Funny thing: the pictures that are supposed to show the views of this place, show tropical beaches.

498) Eighty tenth minute, I will stop here for today.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My World tour with Google earth

411) I decided to make the turn of the world with Google earth.

412) My trip begin at home, in Geneva.

413) I go to northward along a straight line.

414) So, I took my flight.

415) I fly too much quick, the landscape scrolls at high speed.

416) I stop for to resume with a more moderate speed.

417) Clearly, I am already in Germany, because I see scroll labels designating villages with Germanic consonant.

418) Landscape geometric cultivated fields as far as the eye.

419) The landscape changes a bit, I can already see the sea on the horizon.

420) I approach a sandy landscape, punctuated by large lagoons.

421) The sea approach at high speed.

422) I am now in full sea.

423) Now, the screen is divided into two equal geometric parts.

424) The sea is at bottom, the sky is at top.

425) I fly at two hundred eighty nine metres above sea level since thirteen minutes.

426) Twenty third minute, I see the dry land.

427) I approach its shores.

428) A yellowish land, hills as far as the eye.

429) I moved into the interior of a mountain, and another, and again another ...

430) In doing so I noticed that I automatically takes the altitude.

431) Five hundred fifty four metres above sea level.

432) I continue to take mountains in the open nose.

433) Twenty sixth minute, I fly over a region of lakes.

434) I pass through at high speed a town called Forsand.

435) The landscape is yellowish and lacustrine.

436) I think I flies at twice the speed of a plane that was preparing to land.

437) Strand is the name of the city that I just cross now.

438) I fly over a beautiful lake.

439) Another lake.

440) Some islands.

441) Another lake, and another lake, etc..

442) I entered in a mountain.

443) I climb all of a sudden to six hundred and eighty-nine metres.

444) And another lake.

445) And another again, more big.

446) I see on the horizon something like a glacier.

447) I pass through again a mountain.

448) Height: eight hundred three metres.

449) Now I fly over a lake turquoise, caressed by fog.

450) I pass through again another montain.

451) I climbed to one thousand meters.

452) Still mountains and lakes.

453) A city called Ford (with the O stroke), I fly over Sweden probably.

454) I am over several peaks of snow-capped mountains.

455) And now a huge lake.

456) I see a line that seems to draw a border, we are entering perhaps in Norway or Finland.

457) Forty sixth minute, I approach a marshy area.

458) That is a huge stretch of water on the horizon, it is still the sea.

459) It's very impressive.

460) Forty seventh minute, I am above sea.

461) The sea covers almost the entire screen of a beautiful blue.

462) Fifty second minute, I put my monocle on my right eye, because the vision of floaters bodies made me panic.

463) I breath away.

464) I eat a green pear.

465) Fifty fourth minute, I eat a second green pear.

466) Fifty fifth minute, blue, blue, blue wich scrolls as far as the eye.

467) Sixtieth minute, I eat a third green pear.

468) Seventieth minute, always the sea, alternating large tracts blue and black who scroll silently.

469) Eightieth minute, I fly over an alternation of immense black and blue spots.

470) The horizon is still absolutely flat.

471) Eightieth twenty two minutes, I eat a fourth pear.

472) I begin to have sleep.

473) Assuming that I went through Germany, Sweden and Finland, I may now supposing fly over the Barents Sea.

474) I am fed up, I decide to stop here for today.

475) I plant a thumbtack in this place, and I go to bed.

476) I continue my journey tomorrow.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

An experiment with a leek

408) Cut leek into three equal parts.

409) Take the middle part, and push with your finger the internal tubes toward outside.

410) You get a vegetable telescope.

Friday, January 4, 2008


407) «It is said that Democritus tore his eyes out in a garden, in the purpose of thinking without being distracted by the outside world» (corrected text).

Jorge Luis Borges, Conferences

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Floaters and anguish

399) Serious anxiety at the approach of the oral examination.

400) I am not really particularly shy or fearful, my problem is not there.

401) The problem is that I have an eye problem that causes panic disorder.

402) And when this happens, my concentration is being completely destroyed, dismantled.

403) Result: stiffness and embarrassment.

404) Here are links to forums and websites dedicated to this eye problem (in french, German, Italian, Spanish, English, etc..) :

- floatershell (In English)
- Corps flottants (In french)
- (In Italian)
- Mouches volantes (In German)
- vitreousfloaters (In English)
- Floaters talk (In English)
- Mouches volantes (In German)
- El mal de los flotadores (In Spanish)
- (In Russian)
- moscascojoneras (In Spanish)

405) It should be noted that this problem was almost unknown 15 years ago.

406) Now, thanks to the web, everything has changed and, to be honest, I feel less alone.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I have the flu

394) I don't run since almost one week because I have the flu.

395) Or rather, I incubate it, because it not manifeste himself yet completely.

396) It is latent.

397) I take this opportunity to inflect the process and write chronic daily.

398) as a result, the iconographic content is also evolving, I now tend to want to make more of exciters reminder, and not just an inside joke in the interests of conjuration.