In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Apart from that

392) I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all those whom I love.

393) Especially at the nice Koala which in recent months has given me the most precious thing in the world.

I would like remain alone and cry

390) "In a moment, it will be necessary to go out, see friends, celebrate together the end of the year, etc..

391) I would like remain alone and cry".

Cioran, Notebooks 1957-1972, publisher: nrf.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My English goes away slowly

385) I am no longer in immersion since two weeks because I prepare my oral talk in french.

386) So I read and I write in french from morning to evening, and my English goes away slowly.

387) Today someone asked me (in English) where is the exchange office nearest, and I was unable to say a single word.

388) I'm despairing, this language does not want to enter !!!

389) After three months of almost total immersion!

History of lemons

381) A funny history, dedicated to Alejandra, which is a dear shool friend who wants to come and surf in my blog (corrected text).

382) It's the story of two lemons :

383) One of them crosses the street and is smashed by a truck (corrected text).

384) The other exclaims :- Voilà, ce que c’est que d’être pressé ! (Sorry this last line has sense only in French) (corrected text)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

In the belly of the armchair

362) Not finding my remote control, I finally decided to open my armchair with a razor blade and, believe it or not, it was there, I finally found.

363) That is not all, there were a lot of other things:

364) A dozen dry grapes.

365) A nut of entire pécan.

366) Half a walnut.

367) A television program of the week from 6 to 13 September 2003, titled: « Séverine Ferrer roule les mécaniques ».

368) A currency of 1 francs.

369) A currency of five centimes.

370) A currency of twenty centimes.

371) Six grape pips.

372) A olive core.

373) A quiès ball of wax, become black.

374) A receipt of a health food store dating back to 1997 indicating a purchase of 5 francs.

375) A piece of packing of dry grapes "Sun Queen" of the Migros dated October 23, 2003.

376) A label folded accordion of a bottle Valser "classic".

377) Twelve pens.

378) Five pencils.

379) A Spoon.

380) A butter knife.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Jogging monologue 7 (short form)

360) This blog is in the process of doubting himself. This blog wondered where to go. This blog wondered whether it should continue. This blog is seeking himself.

361) This blog is officially finished, but something prevents him from stopping.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jogging monologue 6 (short form)

358) The last post was written on the 24th and published on the 25th, it's normal, my English is still very slow to come, and difficult (corrected text).

359) This explains why I postponed.

Jogging monologue 5 (short form)

352) I am about to spend my first Christmas alone.

353) All my nearest ones are far away.

354) Despite the fact that I am a "gentleman" patented, this first solo Christmas seems to be my first real step toward maturity (corrected sentence).

355)That said, mature or not, as far as I can remember, 95% of Christmas that I celebrated since adulthood were small nightmares.

356) But I will not dwell here on the drawbacks to celebrate Christmas, a friend have me already dealt with banne this summer, she welcomed the concert on the beach, and all I wanted to listen to, was the sound of the waves crashing on the pebbles (corrected sentence).

357) Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jogging monologue 4

344) The frequency of publishing my blog is a bit slow, and my posts are too big.

345) This is not a very blog attitude.

346) I am aware.

347) Starting now, I am going to write less and edit more.

348) So, this Sunday, morning race, few cars, few people, breathing air.

349) Time is grayish.

350) It's cold.

351) I managed to get warm after fifteen minutes.

352) I accidentally crossed a friend, who had been surprised to see me do sport, and so early.

353) Do I look so sedentary?

354) After the race, I feel a strengthening nervous sensation, cleanliness in body and spirit.

355) So, I will stop there, because I want to get hooked up to the short form.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jogging monologue 3

232) Is that record?

233) Yes, that records.

234) I put my running shoes and their beauty surprises me.

235) Really a nice pair of running shoes, that’s just.

236) To such a point that I’m secretly delighted use them like town shoes soon.

237) Outside, the weather is very cold.

238) Winter is here.

239) It is twenty two past five p.m., and it is dark already.

240) And for a very good raison: the winter solstice is not far.

241) I put on a “technical” undergarment for the cold.

242) Pont de l’ile (Bridge of the island).

243) Very dense traffic.

244) While crossing the street, legitimated by I don’t know what, a motorist deliberately tries to crush me.

245) I let out an impulsive: cretin!

246) Immediately, I feel ashamed of give way to this dishonorable impulse.

247) To tell the truth, in addition to a feel of frailty, today I feel great hostility that floats in the air.

248) A hostility no doubt proportional to the irrational frailty that I feel.

249) Like the microbes, which attack preferably at the weakened organism, the motorist which tried crush me has undoubtedly smelled in me, I don’t know how, a weakened organism.

250) There are days like that where it would be more reasonable to stay in bed.

251) I pass under the fascist statue, and I am beginning to wonder if this epithet is not a bit excessive.

252) The fact remains that, beyond its contents, this statue was erected in the thirties, in other words three years before Hitler election, and eight years after the appointment power Mussolini by King Victor Emmanuel.

253) Hum….

254) Under the statue, a couple kiss languidly them.

255) The neo-baroque frontage (another excessive term ?) of driving force building.

256) Another couple in the process of kissing tenderly.

257) It’s rare to see couples in the kissing process at that temperature, in the midst of such traffic and such pollution.

258) In addition to a traffic pollution, today it floats a strange chimical smelling in the air.

259) Yes, to tell the truth, a very strange smell.

260) Quai du Seujet (embankment of Seujet).

261) A cyclist mother with her baby behind the bike.

262) I feel still a sharp irritation because of moron which tried to crush me.

263) The boned bicycle of last time is still in the same place.

264) And there it is the diluted cubes.

265) Hooooo, what is that I see? But, it’s a gray heron !

266) He is standing, in middle of way.

267) What a superb and magestic bird.

268) It is large like a stork.

269) I venerate his beauty.

270) Magic vision, providential and, I like to believe, propitiatory.

271) That’s beautiful like a low relief of Mereruka mastaba at Saqqara.

272) There he flies away flapping wings.

273) After the superb moron which has tried to crush me, I must say that this vision is very consoling and enchanter.

274) Bridge under ground (Pont sous-terre).

275) The yellow hippos.

276) The swings.

277) A slide.

278) Another unexpected thing : I am face to face oneself a big barrier that block the way.

279) There is a notice hung on the barrier which says : “The City of Geneva, proceed at works to secure the cliffs of Saint-Jean. For security reasons, the path on the bottom of the cliffs is completely closed. Duration of Work: from November the 12 2007 to May the 30.

280) Hum…

281) I have two questions now : Where did I go make my jogging? Is that my mnemonic plan of action is it compromised ?

282) Considering the situation, I turn back.

283) An old lady with her dog.

284) A man, hands in her pockets, wrapped up in a scarf.

285) I’ve good news: since some days I can write directly in English, without have need pass by no automatic translator (for example, this sentence I’ve write nearly without no assistance).

286) My technique for learning English may not be so bad after all.

287) The moon, it is everywhere.

288) The diluted cubes.

289) Demented traffic.

290) One thing surprise me: It’s that I am in great form !

291) I am in cracking form !

292) And I am the only runner.

293) The « Bâtiment des Forces Motrices ».

294) I hear the sound of a trompet.

295) In front of me a man with a suitcase.

296) I run so slowly that he is in front of me since five minutes.

297) On the other hands, it’s him wich maybe walk quick.

298) I continue at to be very tormented by the disappearance of the control remote of my T.V..

299) Hell, where it would be able to be ?

300) Here are more two months that I watch the T.V. in an absolutely inadmissible discomfort.

301) Look, I have to get up every time for zapper.

302) There are not thousand places for hide a remote control in a so small flat.

303) Would it really have been swallowed by my armchair?

304) I finally surpassed the man at the suitcase.

305) It’s true that he walked quickly.

306) So that during a rather long moment we have advanced side by side.

307) My left hand has hot because it is in a glove, my right hand has cold because it is naked (for a better grip of Dictaphone).

308) Here is the statue of naked athlete on his horse.

309) Further on, the electoral posters.

310) In the night, I did can distinguish only from “Yes’” and “No”.

311) It reminds me of a work of Markus Raetz on the Place du Rhône.

312) Terrasse « Le paradis » (paradise terrasse), near the second statue.

313) It’s enrageant, I have reached a fairly good level in typing, but I still encounter the same problem.

314) It’s the “i” which is always between the “o” and the “u”.

315) Pont de l’île (bridge of island).

316) Now that I begin to have some knowledge of English, I do not see my urban environment in the same way.

317) Hôtel du midi.

318) I feel like the hero of « Invasion Los Angeles » movie (by John Carpenter), in which, equipped with a pair of special glass, he can suddenly to decrypt subliminal advertising messages developed by extraterrestrials.

319) Place de chevelu (place of heary).

320) There’s, just the right moment, the site where was stuck, two months ago, the giant poster for the promotion of the Swiss party of extreme right-wing side.

321) A bakery.

322) Poster which, incidentally, was not at all subliminal.

323) Rousseau street.

324) Exchange office.

325) Here is the SMS that I wrote to my sister wich asks me (in English) if I have digested the spaghetti Bolognese of yesterday evening: " Yes, but I must eat more vegetable, because meat not good for my body and my karma. See you later my dear".

326) Bar « Le phare » (Bar the lighthouse).

327) People manage to erase theirs SMS without moods, I can not get it because, apart from the fact that I am very sentimental with messages that I receive, there are in these messages matter to an interesting archeology of oneself (different from emails archaeology). In addition, sometimes I find them beautiful.

328) The result of this is that my mobil phone is inundated with messages, and I don’t know any more where to put them.

329) So, I am forced to erase them, but I do it one by one, and in pain.

330) A bookshop.

331) Currently, in the supermarket, oranges are very good.

332) I am surprised at their docility to be peeled.

333) I remember the time when oranges were difficult to peel.

334) Restaurant “Chez ma cousine” (at my cousin).

335) A portuguese shop.

336) Another bookshop.

337) I arrive in front of my building.

338) I have just learned a very funny word: Mystake.

339) Who would say that this is the English ?

340) That seems rather Greek.

341) I press on the lift button for fifth floor.

342) Yes, “Mystake”, is a realy funny word.

343) I will not forget this word.