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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jogging monologue 1

1) Okay, I record. Hopefully it works.

2) I dont know if it will be a recording uninterrupted, or if it will from time to time be necessary to make « stop ».

3) I am still in the elevator.

4) I forgot my watch.

5) It is perhaps seven o’clock pm.

6) Weather is already rather dark.

7) I pass in front of a school.

8) I had a technical problem, I believe that nothing was recorded.

9) It is not serious, I did not say anything of interesting.

10) I am now on a very wooded way.

11) In front my I see two people dressed in black accompanied by two black dogs.

12) Song of a bird.

13) I cross me first runner. In fact, it is a women runner. It is marvellous ! One redhead.

14) Now I feel less only.

15) And here noy one very old Myster, it run with its dog. Dog is also very old.

16) It must to have at least seventy years.

17) I do not have the same one age that him, and I do not run more quickly that him.

18) Not the same age, but us let us age together.

19) We age together, and us let us run towards died.

20) He and me.

21) Me in a direction, he in the other direction.

22) Each one towards its proper died.

23) I am now on a way which goes down in Z.

24) And right with the end way, there is a tree, one immense tree died, with half immersed in the Rhône.

25) I spit.

26) I am content.

27) It appears that it is beneficial on the plan molecular of saying « I am content ».

28) I am already on the way of return.

29) I decide from now, not to copy more to stick the translations, but to write them word for word.

30) I must pay attention to my knees.

31) I am likely to have problems plantar and articular if I do not moderate my sporting enthusiasm.

32) Now I am again on way in form of « Z ».

33) The barking of a dog.

34) I think that I do not have elegance of Alain Cavalier in my monologues, but the fact of to whisper that gives a side Alain Cavalier (I think of his videos especially).

35) Now I must to stop me to run because there is a descent, last time that I have fact this descent I am wounded the left Knees.

36) To or on my right, one man sat on a bench in face of the Rhone. He looks at the river in a very romantic way.

37) On other bank, one can see the warehouse of Genevese public transport.

38) In front of the warehouse, there is of cypress.

39) They form a powerful vertical geometrical scansion.

40) I did not cross any runner since a certain moment.

41) The sun is now completely lying, but I am certain that I will cross still runners, because these is still a little light.

42) As regards monologue it is nevertheless more adapted of to remain only.

43) Vague feeling of ridiculous which me cross suddenly.

44) I Wonder, with this stage, if it is possible for one english-speaking of to decipher this text. My grammar is undoubtedly catastrophic, but it is certain, for my part, that I am learning English, even if I do that of one unorthodox manner.

45) Here is a squirrel. Not, it is not one squirrel, they are two birds fighting over a worms.

46) In the dictaphone, I try to whisper, the trouble it is that my voice lends itself badly to whisper. When I try to whisper, my voice is inaudible, and when I try to speak normally my voice carries too far.

47) Here now of duck, of ducks… Marvellous, ducks.

48) At the moment, I come to be disturbed by central opacity in my eye. It is a Floaters, an absolutely infernal thing, intend to, semms it, is to destroy my faculties of concentration. Me here now on the « Quai du Seujet ».

49) Lately I cross people who speak English with a disconcerting facility.

50) The ocular disorder has me fact of panicking, I must to try of me to calm. It is very important that I learn to control these intolerable anguishes.

51) These are building of « forces motrices », which has summer transformed into opera house. From here, I can see interior of building, as well as and sculpture of Name June Paik, sight of back.

52) An English sms sent to a friend : « What do you make this evening ? ». I am very proud. It is my first sms in English.

53) I deplore that Sarkozy recovers the jogging for its media image. Because now when i run, I have unpleasant impression of to ape to mimic and of to support its ideas.

54) In what the jogging is a sport which would convey vaguely right-wing ideas ?

55) I have just learned a pretty sentence in a film, here : « Nice to see you ».

56) I pass under « Bridge-under-ground » (Pont-sous-terre).

57) While I Think, in addition to axposed reasons in the introduction, there is another reason why I do not have ever learned it less word in listening English songs : it is that when I listen to a song, whatever that is to say the language, I satisfy me completely words, and do not grant any attention with components narrations of thing.

58) In spite of a rate of all them hells, them cashiers of department store « Manor » are given the sorrow of me to greet cordially. It is at the same time heroins and of the angels.

59) Trees. One runner a long way off, it have a red T.shirt. A black young man, with a very beautiful shirt.

60) My dictaphone look like Walk-mann, a Walk-mann without helmets. It is too much heavy, I perhaps go it to replace by a dictaphone MP3 much lighter and small.

61) A mother with hour young a long way away … as a matter or fact , rather one gradmother with sound small son. A cyclist passes to my left. Trees ravel. The tram passes on the bridge of « Coulouvrenière ».

62) A group of blacks around one bench, all very well dressed.

63) The trouble with « Google translation » and « Babel fish » it is that translation be carried out word with word, while despizing context. As of at the time, it results from it sentences incoherent. The advantage, by against, it is that I have an exact translation of each word.

64) I do not find the remote control of my television. Here are two days that I look at television without operate by remote control, what disgrace, it is really ungrateful experiment, I really smell myself cut down by an element who takes part of a some sovereignty in the act to look at the TV.

65) I approach the zone of my course, these hare the « Place Bel-air. Impassioning !

66) On a frontage of building, a giantess electoral post of the UDC (party of extreme right-wing), pricking detail, somebody had fun with to add hitler moustache on face of each candidate.

67) I take brutally conscience of my abyssal delay in english while testing to understand them words of one song in English, and I must to recognize that I do not have anything, but really nothing, understood, NADA, NIENTE, …

68) I comfort myself in integrating the word NOTHING with the N of « NOTTE » (night in italian)+INGRID. For word ANYTHING (it will be ANOCHE (last night in spanish)+ ITALIA+Ingrid=AN+IT+ING.

69) I assimilated according to the same principle, the expression « GOOD IDEA » (BONNE IDEE, in french) thanks to the phonetics resemblance with « GOUDA », it Dutch cheese, and Swiss heroin Heidi. Phonetically, that does « GOUDHEIDI ».

70) A women runner overtake me in gambol. But since I have learned that release of calories and endorphins be carried out more effectively with moderate pace I withdraw secret theoritical pride with to make overtake me.

71) If it is true with « Google translation » and « « the Babel fish » translation done word by word, I am not without ignoring that the English adjective above the subject, therefore until we have a few progress, I can at less perform these permutations that give a look a little more respectable at my phrases.

72) Proof that I beginning to learn english : my french is in train spoil. I have even been obliged consult the dictionary for check the spelling of a word very familiar. It’s very symptomatic.

73) « Pont de l’Ile » (Bridge of the island).

74) Quai des Bergues.

75) I am not any more only, it is full with people.

76) Starbuk coffe.

77) Hôtel du midi.

78) An exchange office.

79) Place de chevelu (Place of hairy). It has been thirty years that I pass here, and I had never noticed the singular name of this place.

80) Department Store « Manor ».

81) A store dresses for married.

82) So, I arrive at the end of this first race.

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