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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jogging monologue 2

83) Okay, that records, and that record on the preceding tape but I do not have other cassettes. I hope despite everything that can be heard something.

84) While I prepare to go to run, I listen to the original band of the film « Black Orpheus ». It’s very sweet.

85) I put my slip, my shorts, my socks and my tennis shoes.

86) I think of going a little further today, my race should last approximately forty minutes.

87) It’s warm and sunny. It’s the indian summer.

88) I am not depressed and it’s like finding a feeling coming from childhood.

89) It is perhaps thanks to John’s Wort. I read somewhere that the John’s wort could having an also strong action as the traditional antidepressants, but without the effects secondary, which would make of it, if that proved to be true, a true panacea.

90) I had asked to my doctor if there exists a powerfull euphoric on the pharmaceutical market for help me out of distress, and it answered me : « That would be known ! ».

91) It is necessary that make my limbering-up exercises before to come out.

92) I will try to run slowly. Because, as I said before, I tend to run more quickly with the dictaphone in hand.

93) So, now I’am in the lift, I press on button zero for to go on the ground floor.

94) So, I am outside.

95) I pass in front of the Bridge of the island (Pont de l’Ile).

96) Consoling word of Jean-Marie-Straub, in the beautiful film of Pedro Costa (Où gît votre sourire enfoui ?), In which, between two cutting, it exclaims quietly : « An artiste is alway young ».

97) I am in the heart of Geneva, on the bridge of the Island (Pont de l’ile), between Saint-Gervais and Place Bel-Air).

98) Now I pass beside a somewhat fascistic statue of invoice. She represents a naked athlete on a horse, with a eagle on its shoulders.

99) Here, to compensate, the neo-baroque frontage of the driving force building, one the rare expressions of the against-reform in Geneva.

100) Quai du Seujet.

101) Two dogs watching me with an stupid and astounded looks. They follow me glance by synchronizing the movement of their heads. It is of Wegman.

102) I arrive at the purification station, where I turned and go back last time.

103) Beyond this point that becomes rather wild.

104) A woman dressed in white walks on golden leaves, she read the newspaper while walking.

105) That evokes me a film of Truffaut, « Farenheit », particularly the final scene, where we see individuals in the woods learning books by heart.

106) I receive the last sunbeams trought the leaves trees yellowed.

107) I am on a rising way. Bordered by a yellow barrier.

108) So, I begin the way back.

109) I still worry for my back, because of weight dictaphone.

110) A dictaphone that I bought 18 yeard for register conferences of a professor whom I admired and whom impressed me a lot.

111) There is a banana paperboard in my cellar filled with these recorded cassettes.

112) Well labelled and dated.

113) I heard from time to time, then I have forgotten.

114) He spoke so well.

115) Sometimes I thought it was a kind of superman of thought.

116) In addition, he had a extraordinary physical force .

117) I think he could have stun a bull of only one punch.

118) A mom learn how to walk to her baby.

119) I cross a runner which makes me sign of the hand.

120) I pass below a very monumental bridge arched, resembling Gard Bridge (Pont du Garde). There too, a yellow barrier along the way.

121) There is the station of purification, today it does not stink. Usually it exudes an depressing odor of sewage.

122) It’s indoubtedly, all points of view, the most ugliest place of the course. Like this concrete tunnel that I cross in this moment.

123) Of an apocalyptic ugliness.

124) A panel completely covered with graffiti, yet still manages to read « Danger ! ».

125) I run on a carpet of pretty dead leaves.

126) Another stairs along by a barrier, a green barrier this time.

127) I wonder why some strong words typed with a undeniable mnemonic impregnability, are assigned to nominate secondary and insignificant objects.

128) For example, the word « Roundabout », immediately occupied my head like a boring refrain in vogue.

129) So that I mechanically hum this word from morning to night.

130) Roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout, roundabout,…

131) This word, with singular and funny resonance, but almost useless from the practical point of view, I immediately assimilated it.

132) I do not have anything against the roundabouts as such, but this word, roundabout, is a word which are out decidedly much ; Why not employ it has some more significance, more remarkable, more elevated, more distinguished ?

133) It would by necessary to assign such a word to something more vertical, for example a statue of archaic Greece representing a beautiful young man of seven meters high, or a monumental temple dedicated to some pagan god of high Egypt.

134) In the same order of idea, I’m surprised to see how it I pain to assimilate the word « anyway », in spite of the fact that it is a word which I often hear, obviously, much appreciated, very invested.

135) Moreover, I meet often words resemble onomatopeia, words very funny, for example : « quick », « doing ».

136) It easy for me to assimilate the word « quick » because there is in Geneva a company of photocopy whose name is CopyQuick.

137) Will you believe me ? During more than 25 years this word was been for me that comically sounds, or, at the most, a whim of the owner of the establishment.

138) This was accentuated by the fact that the aforementioned establishment, if I remember rightly, an ensign representing a sparrow which sings.

139) Ho ! Here, just the right moment, ducks and moorhens.

140) I like definitely much the cry of duck, both grotesque and extravagant, nice and desperate. I associate it with sudation sessions in the « Bains des Pâquis » sauna, where screw a duck colony.

141) Would Olivier Messiaen have included the song of ducks in his research on birdsong ?

142) I would be curious to hear his interpretation of the cry of duck.

143) And this is the path in the shape of Z, and as I think at the same time in a dear friend whose first name starts with an S, I will round the edges and call it « the S-shaped way », in his honor.

144) I start to believe that the remote control of my television was swallowed by my armchair.

145) Several thing already swallowed by this armchair, and I begins to imagine an exhaustive and detailed inventory of all that this armchair ingested during its existence : coins, pens, chocolats pieces, socks, all sorts of small rubbish, such as grape pips, aluminium pieces, nuts pieces, etc.

146) A true carnivorous plant !

147) Now I run at bottom of the cliffs of Saint-Jean, apparently the origin of these cliffs that is as old as a geological formation dating from the last glaciations.

148) A cliff indeed rather impressive.

149) I recovered, this night, a English method (a box containing a book and three cassettes) abandoned on a public bench.

150) The name of the method is at the very least providential : « YES Y CAN, I speak English in three months ».

151) The owner was obviously a very assiduous person ; he carried out all the exercises, without omitting only one of them.

152) I intend to rub all his exercices and to carry out

153) Fortunately, he wrote with a light hand.

154) So that I would not have too many difficulties to rub out the few a hundred and fifty pages of exercises.

155) Of course, I will need a little patience and determination.

156) One hundred and fifty pages, is something at least !

157) If I need a minute to rub a page, I need one hundred and fifty minutes to rub all pages.

158) More than two hours for all erase.

159) It’s in my interest to make the exercises after that.

160) Here is a couple of lovers sitting on a bench.

161) A juggler and his dog.

162) His dog holds a tennis ball between his teeth.

163) I am really running anyhow, without any technique.

164) That can cost me a lot, because I risk to have a sore knees during several days.

165) I just crossed a gentleman and a lady speaking German.

166) True German of Germany.

167) I start feel that the race is a little long.

168) On my left, a small playground for children.

169) Two swings.

170) A slide.

171) Two hippos out of concrete painted in yellow.

172) Another panel completely covered with graffiti through which it still manages to guess the word « Danger ! ».

173) Quai du Seujet.

174) It’s dark.

175) A lady sitting on a bench.

176) A metal monumental sculpture representing cubic decomposing.

177) Trees passed behind me.

178) A man in the distance.

179) A car.

180) A moto bike.

181) A mom far off with a stroller.

182) A sinner.

183) Beside him, a panel : « fishing prohibited ».

184) A boned bicycle attached to a barrier.

185) Suddenly I see my reflection on the bottom front of a building.

186) The first point to note is the following ; I run like an old man.

187) Anyway I must begin get used to the idea.

188) This is inescapable, and becomes day by day more manifest.

189) School of Seujet.

190) Another big modern sculpture.

191) A cyclist.

192) A beauty woman speaks about a vigourous and ensured voice on her mobile phone.

193) Pont de l’Ile (Bridge of the island).

194) Quai des Bergues.

195) Cars.

196) Many cars.

197) Too many cars.

198) The air is unbreathable, and I am not talking about the noise.

199) It is perhaps no a coincidence if there is a measuring site of the quality of the air at this place.

200) Hôtel du Midi.

201) I wonder how people stand the pollution.

202) How do they tolerate such a noise and atmospheric contamination ?

203) It seems to me that they adapt to it very well.

204) It’s frightening !

205) It is a fact that the human is a species with a great adaptability, here is the problem.

206) If we had the skin less hard, if we were a little more fragile, more delicate,

207) Astonishes me is that this pollution and this ugliness do not prevent people from being beautiful.

208) Their appearence, their plastic beauty is frankly confusing, and an extent persistent, an extent orbstinate that I never ceases to be amazed.

209) A bank.

210) An exchange office.

211) Place de chevelu (Place of hairy), no, I had not dreamed, it is really the name of this place.

212) The giant poster of the UDC has been replaced by a poster praising the merits of a detergent.

213) It is to be noted that in the meantime the UDC had won the elections.

214) The « Manor » department stores shine of thousand lights.

215) Yesterday, in that same store, I bought half a kilo of chocolate candy.

216) It turns out that it was the only quantity suggested, there was no other packaging smaller.

217) So that, in the absence of choise, I am resigned to buy a half kilo.

218) And I ate it of at one go.

219) I have eaten this half kilo of chocolate candy in only some mouthfuls.

220) With a voluptuous drunkenness and a voracious ecstasy.

221) The chocolate chips overflowed of my hands, some slipped through my fingers and rolled down.

222) Yes, pleasure was real.

223) The liver hache also.

224) The culpability, it’s nothing to speak of.

225) It is dangerous to so easily dispose of such a large quantity of chocolate.

226) I will terminate this second monologue here, between ecology and chocolate.

227) And now, I am going to take a hot shower.

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