In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fragments of full moon


Lilian said...

Hola Momo!

Bienvenido, Benvenutti, Welcome, Wilkomen... from your vacation. How was it? About the full moon, which I do love; last Friday, casi casi fui a un seminario al aire libre en un parque cerca de mi casa titulado Women and the Full Moon, suena interesantisimo no? Me quede con las ganas de ir porque surgieron otros conflictos.

Saludos afectuosos!

Momo said...

Ola Lilian,

Que gusto recibir tu visita!

Las vacaciones ? Ay, ay, ay... la verdad, mas o menos.

El hecho es que tomé muy poco tiempo para organizar estas vacaciones, porque quería comenzar lo antes posible el tratamiento del qué te hablé, entonces compré un todo comprendido (hôtel+avion) pensando ganar tiempo y dinero.

Pero caí en una ciudad balnearia de la peor especie (me lo esperaba, pero no asta ese punto), algo entre Dahab, Arica y Disneylandia.

A decir la verdad, los primeros días, deprimì, pero despues tomé las cosas en mano, y bien en mano.

Fui de excursion al interior de la isla (que es bastante grande, medio arida y bella) para visitar iglesias bizantinas y ortodoxas, sitos arqueológicos minoanos, lugares sublimes.

Eso me iso hecho mucho bien.

Tambien fotografié, al atardever, durante mi paseos en la playa, los sandcastle destrosados por la marea.

Quiero colocar esas fotos en el blog pero tengo que ver como sacarlas de mi celular.

Otros conflictos ?

Women and full moon ? Si, suena super interesante.


Doréus said...

Hi there!

I'm glad you are back. I thought about you on the full moon, but then got busy and could not read your blog for the past week. I'm glad you had some vacation at least.

I look forward to seeing the pictures!

Momo said...

Hi my dear Doreus,

I think I'm not a true bloggers because I've not documented the wonderful places I visited (you, you would have did).

It's true that I wanted relax myself totally, even of the blog.

Maybe I can do it through sharing of pictures (I don't know how work the pictures sharing), or by some links.

I did some photographs of sandcastles almost destroyed by the high tide in the beach during the get down of the sun, but as I lost my mobile phone, I bought a new phone, but it's not compatible with Mac, so I am a few embarrassed, because the photographs are inside of the mobile phone incompatible with Mac. :-)

I will see if it's possible of transfer these pictures nevertheless.

After the big holiday, I went still some days in the canton of Bern in another wonderful and magic place (I will have to document it).

I did miss you, Doreus, and I missed also to try write in english, I think that it's the better exercice for learn english (at the very least for me, better than English lessons, even if I made some indubitables progress with teachers - but, currently, I am still unable of speak).

Doréus said...

Ah! The joys of technology! I hope you can get your Mac and your new phone communicating with each other.

And just a note on vocabulary: coucher de soleil = sunset.

Learning languages is all about communication in real situations; it's part of what makes it difficult to learn a new language in a classroom setting. Practice makes perfect! Speech will come with time (unless you suffer from some bizarre form of aphasia related to English only).

Momo said...

Sunset ? Woaw ! Quelle économie de lettres!

I don't know if I suffer from some bizarre form of aphasia related to English but, one mental block, certainly.

However, I had very good results at my English exams.

Soon, it will the birthday of this blog, and I can say already that I finished with the mental block.

I must just to be patient.

But it's true I think that I learn more with my autodidact desobedience than into the classroom.

For the rest, it's a question of practice (it's the probleme, because I live in the french-speaking, the italian-speaking and the spanich).

Very impressive your expedition in the glacier, Doreus.

krn said...

I suppose that you can ask to a photographer to move your pictures from your mobile phone to a CD.

I did it with the pictures of my first granddaughter.

good luck

Momo said...

Yes, Krn, it must certainly have a solution, one of the principles of numérique technology is the easy copy. So, you will see my sandcastles almost destroyed by the tide.

Best regards

Momo said...

Sorry, krn, I wanted to say "digital technology".

krn said...

Don't worry about "numérique",
practice is the best way.

Momo said...

Of course, krn, like with learning English.

krn said...

You're going in the right direction.
I'm sure your english will be perfect very soon.

Momo said...

Inchallah, Krn, que Dieu t'entende :-)

I think that this personal way of learning English is enough efficient for me.

krn said...

wait and see...

krn said...

good night, Momo, lets have sweet dreams under the moon.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of corresponding, years ago, with people abroad just to learn English. It worked! I also got to know people in various parts of the world.

Momo said...

Hello dear Doreus,

How are you ?

I don't sure if I understand you, want you say that your stay abroad were well for your English learning ?

If yes, I don't astonished.

Momo said...

Hello Krn,

I wake up now, but thank you, good night and good day.

krn said...

I wasn't at home beetween two and six PM. I had to put new tyres on my car before the police tells me to do it.

Dealing whith policemen is sometimes very expensive. I prefer avoid them.

krn said...

sorry, I wrote "whith", it's "with" of course.
My fingers are often running too fast on the keyboard.

Lilian said...

Hola!! I see you are back blaogging, at least, answering messages :) I am waiting for a post about the place you visited, if you do not want to write, then do a drawing if you like... It's just an idea.
Un abrazo

Momo said...

Hi, dear Lilian,

You are right, the machine restarts slowly.

Thank you for your excellent idea and encouragement to continue.

I like very much your visits, but I must apologize, I pass through a doubts phase, so I prefer answer or to comment.

I hope resume my rythme soon.

Lilian said...

Yo diria que no forzaras nada... que dejaras las cosas retomar su centro como se acomoden mejor. En mi caso, el verano ha afectado mi ritmo de escritura, definitivamente.
Un besito--

Momo said...

Bien dicho Lilian, pero en mi caso, tengo que admitir que el blogging es terapia, por eso no estaria mal que me esforsara un poco, aun que el verano, pucha, esta mas rico...

Momo said...

Hello Krn, I hope that the replacement tires went well.

Anonymous said...

Hello again!

Sorry for responding so late. What I meant was that when I was in high school, I started writing to various people in countries around the world for the sole purpose of practising writing in English. There was a service called «International Youth Service» based in Turku, Finland that would match people by interests. Given the rise of internet, this firm just closed after 52 years in business! At one point, I had up to 20 pen-friends... which allowed me to learn about different countries, but also to practice writing English.

Then, in 1989, I spent three weeks during the summer in Cambridge, England, for an immersion; that broke my «speech» barrier.

Blogging can accomplish the same goal of constant communication and learning about others.

Does this make more sense?

And I'm with Lilian and her suggestion that you keep posting drawings of yours. Your blog is thought-provoking, although a summer respite is always nice.

Momo said...

Thanks, Doreus, for your explanations.

All is a lot more limpid now.

I see that your experience with learning English isn't far from mine.

But, I need immersion, me too.

Maybe I can start it in January, because I am invited to London.

krn said...

Of course, i'm glad to have those new tyres.
I like driving my car safely, without thinking there's something wrong with the engine, the steering, the brakes or anything else like that.

I am a worrier. I must always be appeased...

Momo said...

Welkome in the club of the worriers, Krn :-)

I don't remember if I asked you if you are yourself sensitive to the phases of the moon (if my memory serves me well, you evoked your observations about the general behaviour).


PS: I savoure (by empathy) the pleasure of to have the car in optimal safely conditions with the new tyres.

Momo said...

PS: because I can't drive.

krn said...

Is it a choice ?

krn said...

I believe I left you my first comment on panic.

I wrote myself two post to tell what I was thinking about panic attacks.

I don't know exactly how, but I think the moon is very influent on human kind, and even on animals.

Momo said...

I don't know if it's a choise, but it's true that I hate the cars, because they make to much atmospheric and sound pollution. I prefer thousand times the bikes (at least in town). But I must recognise that when the last time a pretty girl proposed me to go together to the mountain "with my car" , I felt a little shameful of don't have a car (it's stupid, but it's the first time that I think in this way about cars). I can't drive cars also because I have an ophtalmique problem.

krn said...

I also have that kind of problem. I have to left my truck because of a Stargardt's disease.

This is the most common form of inherited juvenile macular degeneration. It is characterized by a reduction of central vision with a preservation of peripheral vision.

Il can drive, but not a very long time. I must look at the sides to see what is on the road.
My most troublesome symptom is that blind spot in central vision in my left eye. The right one is also reduced, but not really blind. So I can read.

krn said...

My last post of july on "Le défouloir de Krn" shows how stargardt's disease affect the central vision.

Momo said...

My ophtalmique probleme don't concern the visual acuteness, I see very well, but I've one small floaters in the centre of field of view wich cause at each eye movement an acute panic attack.

krn said...

You are saying that your panic comes from your eyes ?

krn said...

I Think I will miss some words to continue that conversation as well as I would.

Momo said...

I don't understand your last sentence.

Yes, I said that my panic attack come from my eyes.

krn said...

I sais that i have no words to explain in english. I wrote that very quickly and before my comment on "stargardt"

Momo said...

I precise that these attack started after I saw one documental movie showing images of forensic (17 years ago).

I fainted looking at these images, and I started to have nightmares.

My ophtalmic problem started just after this accident, and also the panic attacks.

krn said...

I must take my car now and go.
Have a good night.

krn said...

I dont understand "Forensic"

krn said...

Computer virus or "médecine légale" ?

Momo said...

Médecine légale

Momo said...

Have a good night.

Lilian said...


Momo - you're going to London? it sounds great! I want to go to the Carnaval in Cologne in February (I think) or the jazz festival in New Orleans, I have to choose. I can't go to both. But London! I've never been there, have you?
Good Night :)

Momo said...

Yes, my dear, my ex girl friend will go work in London, and she has very desire that I visit her.

I don't know Cologne, only Berlin, Kassel, Freibourg and Munster.

You like Jazz, Lilian ?

Do you know the Montreux jazz festival in switzerland ?

Momo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Momo said...

50- Oups ! Good night Lilian :-)

Lilian said...

Momo - while you sleep, I'll answer your question. I have only dreamed of attending the Montreaux Jazz festival, that's where some of my favorite musicians played many times, Joao Gilberto and Ella Fitzgerald; one day, I hope to be part of the audience there. Cologne, I believe but I'm not sure, is the oldest city in Europe(?) and I adore its cathedral. I do like jazz very, very much, but not all the time. Most the time, I listen to Bach, Telemann, Scarlatti, and many other interesting musicians, but jazz is always part of what I listen.
Have a good Friday :)

Momo said...

I don't sleep yet ;-)

The most old city of Europe ? What a question !!!!

I suppose that for to find the most old city of Europe it must start from Egypt (first very big civilisation) toward the north.

So, in this case, maybe it's in greece or in Italy (Rome, Athene ?).

For the ancient remains, Germany is not the best country, because during the second world war Germany has been almost totally destroyed.

I advice you to go rather to Italy, Greece or Turky.

Now, I listen Maria Bethania.

Lilian said...

Pero no estaba hablando de ruinas, estaba hablando de una catedral que comenzo a ser construida en 1200 y todavia esta erguida y funcionando; me impresiono mucho.
Good night!

Lilian said...

Oh... me olvidaba; que bien que escuches musica brasilera. Me pasa algo curioso con Maria Bethania; extranhamente, su voz no es de mis favoritas por lo tanto la evito. Prefiero timbres de voz como Maria Creuza o la fantastica Elis Regina, incluso, la desabrida pero atractiva voz de Astrid Gilberto.

Momo said...

Tengo que admitir que su voz me irritaba un poco, pero ahora, como me regalaron un disco de ella, la escucho, y la descubro, nada mal la verdad, sobre todo los boleros. Prefiero Caetano Veloso, su hermano, creo.

Si te gustan las cathedrales, Lilian, aqui, en Europa, ay mucho pa ver al respecto (Milano, Paris, Chartres, Reims, Cologne, etc,... etc.. esta lleno de cathedrales antiguisimas y hermosas.

El Doreus se va a colocar verde de selos :-)

Anonymous said...

Here, I turn around and this discussion suddenly becomes more interesting!

Jazz... cathedrals... all of these cultural icons! And somehow, I live in an area that is quite devoid of such deep-rooted cultural traditions. I sometimes miss the cultural life of Montréal, especially in the summer, with all the festivals.

And yet, there is so much to do and discover here that I cannot say I'm bored!

Momo said...

We see it, Doreus, your blog we prouve how much your new place of residence is interesting.

krn said...

Sorry Momo, but the correct expression is "your blog prove us", here, "us" is an adjunct.

How fine was your bath in the lake this morning ?

Momo said...

You don't need excuse you, Krn, after all this blog is made for learn english.

Thanks a lot for your correction, and don't hesitate to correct me more.

The bath was invigorating and lovely, it has changed my day.

Lilian said...

jaja... que divertido eres Momo :D [me refiero a eso de "el Doreus se va a poner verde de celoso"].

Momo, I have been in Paris, Barcelona, Belgium, Amsterdam [for only one day though], and Germany, quite a lot. I have never been in Italy; I dream with going to the region of Tuscana and do a food tour... I LUV italian food from that region.

Just realized that both, you and I, have been listening to two Marias. You, Maria Bethania, me, Maria Creuza [I listen to one particular album every day for about two months now, it's almost obsessive, but that's the way I am with music.]

Greetings/ TGIF :D

krn said...

Marvellous ! what temperature do you think the water is ?

krn said...

Hello Lilian,
Pleased to meet you.

Momo said...

Lilian, I never eaten better than as in Italy (even the coffee is the better of the world).

In my opinion, the best place for to eat wonderfull it's in Basilicata and Puglie (south).

But I suppose it's opportune to choose with discernement the restaurants.

I ate rather well also in New-York.

Paradoxically, the cooking isn't very good in Venice (except "Da Tarcisio" in Piazza San Rocco, the best "pizza al taglio" of the world, in my opinion).

About music, I have the same problem, I'm obsessional, untill nausea.

Momo said...

I forgot, Lilian, if you go to Piazza San Rocco in Venice, you can also see the Tintoretto, of course.

Krn, the temperature was very soft.

23,5 degrees

Momo said...

Lilian, I've the same problem with the food, for exemple, if I love one speciality, I can to eat the same thing during some time. I hate this, this is compulsive.