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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Very large and deep longitudinal section of the new moon


Lilian said...

Are you lost in the dark side of your moon? Come out from hiding; it's enough =)

Doréus said...

I was waiting for someone else to write the first comment...

It is indeed DEEP! (and dark).

Lilian said...

Doreus - I just realize I should have written "ON the dark side of the moon"... right? On/in/at always confuse me, still :/

Momo said...

My very dear readers and friends,

There is another problem now (but a nice problem) : my holiday. Some days ago (Doreus, it's for you), I went to the ceremony of diplomas for to receive my diplome (but without any ceremonial suit) and, now, I would like to take some rest (holiday), but I must to do many things before leave (the list is long). It take all my time, and it's enough stressful.

Naturally, in the meantime, I will continue to reade you, and I don't know still if I will post during my stay (I would take photographs with my mobile phone, but I lost it).

I will see what I can do.

Lilian said...

Momo - have a great holiday!
Un gran abrazo desde el otro lado del Atlantico--

Doréus said...

Momo, first CONGRATULATIONS on getting your degree/diploma!

And rest yourself well. You have more than earned it!

Momo said...

Thanks Lilian and Doreus,

You are both hearts.

Palbo said...

Un monje le preguntó a Joshu: "Este perro, ¿tiene la naturaleza de Buda?"

Joshu no dijo ni Mu.

Momo said...


Disculpe por haber tardado tanto en responder.

Supongo que es demasiado tarde, pero quería decirle que estuve consultando su blog en sucesivas ocasiones, y de verdad lo encuentro muy interesante.

Nos estamos viendo.