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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My summer - Chronicle of happy moments - The flat stone

It's here where I can sit and read in English between two baths.This is the only flat stone where I can really sit down comfortably. But, I must say that during the summer, the place become a true reading room at the water's edge. People bathe and read alternately. For me, this is the ideal reading room.


Bernard said...

your flat stone makes me think of two precolumbian sites: Los Baños de Nezahualcoyotl just oustide of Mexico city (see: and the solar temple of Intihuatana (at the Machu Pichu), Peru.(see for example:

Momo said...

Interesting association, Bernard.

"Los Baños de Nezahualcoyotl" seem very meditative and beautiful place.

The perfect chair, I believe you.

krn said...

I like very much this stone. It seems very welcoming.

Momo said...

It's not only an appareance, this is a really welcoming stone.

But, last time, when I went in this place, there have a old ladies near to me, and she ask me to go far away from there, because she thought that I was too much near from her.

I must recognise that she was laid in a very confortable position between four or five stones but, alas, my flat stone was too near from her legs.

Momo said...
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krn said...

Next time, tell her that you love her and that you will pray for his soul.

Either she will be moved, and will let you sit down on the flat stone, or she will be irritated and will leave the place.

She would have been flattered by your nearness, if she was old, it was good for her.

krn said...

If i was that lady, I would have taken advantage of it. Moreover, you are not unpleasant to look.

Momo said...

Hohooo, a friend advice me of change the photograph in my profile but, at the begin of my blog, I used a photograph with the monocle (you can see).

I've never received so many compliments on my appearance that this year (my ego is flattered), but I've never been so alone (because of panic attacks).

Momo said...

You are nice.

krn said...

Thank you, Momo, I think that you are sincere.

I feel less alone and better since I began my blog. I noticed that I had fewer attacks of panic since the beginning of the summer.

It is very important for me to be loved and to have friends.

Momo said...

For me too, this is important to have good friends and plenty of love (like almost all people).

But I agree with the proverb : "I prefer to be alone than wrong accompanied".

Often, I'm disappointed from people.

But, I doesn't say that I'm perfect, absolutely not.

I think that it better to be strong and in good healthy for to have many friends.

Because the friendship is based on reciprocity, and the capacity to give and receive that suppose a strong economy of sharing.

My best friends have been always my girlfriends, because the complicity with her have been most strong.

But, I don't want to enter in details, because this is a complex subject (psychoanalytic).

I'm very lucky to be your friend and to receive your comment, you make me laugh and I love the lime trees and the blackberries.

krn said...

You have a lot of sensibility and it is a pleasure to write on this blog.
I am very happy that you think of me with these words.

Thank you for your friendship. I shall pass on your feelings to my lime trees and to the other trees of my garden. They will be glad too.

I wanted to ask you for what you liked in the film of Bunuel "El angel exterminador"

Momo said...

I think it's a film deeply liberating. I like movies with a multiplicity of interpretations.

Momo said...

I have one question too :

How do you discover that you have panic attack, and how many time after the start of symptoms ?

krn said...

I tried to know what was the message of Bunuel through this film.
A group of persons isolated and wasn't then able to go out of this isolation.
They could, only at one precise moment and after many fears.
But, these sheeps...

I'll answer to your last question, wait a few minutes...

krn said...

I did not know at once that it was about attacks of panic.
The first time, I was on the freeway, on December 31st.

I usually feel at ease in car, but there, I felt bizarre.
My sight had fallen out and my ears whistled. Then, I had difficulty in breathing and I fell that my heart beat very hardly and very fast. At the same time, I did not have strength anymore and I have of to stop because I trembled too much for continue.

I had an atrocious pain in the breast and I believed that I was making a heart attack. I believed to be dying.
I sat down in the grass not to fall and I waited. I do not know if I lost consciousness or if I fell asleep. When I opened eyes, I was very tired. I left, slowly and in the week, I visited my doctor.
She did not find, nor any of those that I saw later.

krn said...

It is in a bookshop of Rouen where I had fetched a book on the colortherapy which I understood by going through another book, the nature of the evil. I remained years in the uncertainty, believing to have an unknown and grave disease. I was terrified.

Obviously, I became timorous and during years, I did not bear the solitude. It is still a problem for me.

Anonymous said...

I almost hesitate to leave my comment... because it's so far away from the current conversation. But well... I know Momo won't mind my butting in!

I love that flat rock. The combination of it, the proximity of water and a good book just made me dream! And it should be a soothing place to flaunt your good looks and rid yourself of the anxiety that causes your panic attacks.

krn said...

Momo, I have to go to the bed, I work tomorrow. I am going to be very tired. Have a good night.

krn said...

I go to bed, of course, I'm yet over.

Momo said...

Have a good night, Krn, I'll answer tomorrow.

Momo said...
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Momo said...

Don't worry, Doreus, about the subject of the post, like you know, I like to mix and interconnect the subjects. Moreover, we can to write in English.

Thanks for your support in my fight with the panic attack, you help me a lot !

Momo said...

Krn, I can already say that your experience look like my experience.

I discovered the syndrom alone and almost by random (and 16 years after the start of the symptoms).

Doctors and the medecine are so incompetents !!!!!

Lilian said...

a) Panick Attacks: like I told you Momo, I only had three of them. One at work, the other two at home. They were diagnosed right away by my family doctor; I didn't believe him. I thought he was making up a story because he didn't know my real illness; it was me who was wrong! I had three attacks and once I knew what they were, I stopped having them... isn't that curious?!

b) Flat Stone: According to my sister, stones are carriers of a lot of energy. This could be good or bad energy. It seems your stone is a good stone/friend. :)

Un beso :)

Momo said...

Me too, the panic attacks didn't disappear, but since I know what it is it seem it are less violents and embarrassing.

But it true also that now I can benefit of a specific therapy.

Having said that, I explain myself with difficulty why I have waited 16 years before to be diagnosed.

Doctors are very incompetent !!!!

krn said...

The medicine is always late because there is no obligation of result, thus, the doctors live on their experiences.

The current living conditions make sick and put people under stress.

The doctors are overloaded and tired, they do not look for the cause of illness.

They restrict to look after pharyngitises and warts, the rest is too difficult.

Lilian said...

Dear Momo & KRn,
Don't you think you are being a little unfair when you generalize and talk about "all doctors"? Are you aware that there is a current trend in medicine -at least my family doctor follows this trend- in putting together holistic medicine with tradicional medicine? Also, there is a trend to treat the patient from within, meaning, start to observe what could be the emotional state first. There are good and bad dctors, I think, like on everything else.

Warm Regards...

krn said...

Lilian, You are right, there are certainly doctors among whom it is the vocation to relieve their fellow men.

Regrettably for us, they seem more numerous in the English-speaking countries or in Canada.

When I see what exists for the well-being of people in the world, it is never in France, or then these doctors are excluded from the system and those who need them cannot pay.

krn said...

I would have said :

My personal experience of the medicine is negative.

Momo said...

Dear Krn&Lilian,

This is a very big problem, with many dimensions, corners of view and criterions, I can say that this is one of the bigger debate in the contemporary world, because it wrap the research, the politic, the economy, the philosophy, the history, etc..

In according with my personal experience, I can say with assurance that there aren't any equilibre between hallopatic medecine and holistic medecine today.

Unfortunately, today the medecine is only and solely one business, it forget too often that behind the body there are a person, a soul.

Of course, there are good doctors, but the problem isn't there, the problem is that the today medecine treat people like corpses, machine or computers.

For the legs cut up, for the fever, etc, okay, but for many other problems it's not enough, the research isn't enough clever and human.

Most of people wich fall in the psychiatric hospital is not because of a disfunction of the body, but because of the stress, the breaking of love, the miss affection, the economic problems, the many other problems, etc.... and everyone know - except doctors - that most of healthy problems come from emotional body, soul and spirit, humiliations and socio-economic problems.

Sometimes, I think that for the medecine we are solely the wallet with paws or a kind of nuisance.

I agreed with Gilles Deleuze, doctors are bad, irresponsible, nasty and vicious.

But, you are right, Lilian, there are probably 1% of good doctors, and you are a lucky person, you fall over this one.

Me, I explain myself with difficult why I must to wait 16 years for know what I have.

This is a good subject for a next post, but I don't have de spirit of journalism.

Above all, I never felt that doctors take my problem seriously, I never had the impression that they were researchers, maybe they are juste bureaucrats, evaluators of normality, confessors, I don't know, etc..

Lilian said...

Dear KRN,
Thanks for explaining the situation in the area where you live; I'm most surprised.

Dear Momo,
I totally understand your frustration with current medicine since you had to suffer for sixteen years before they diagnosed you. I do not disagree with your point of view in totality. As a matter of fact, I often think that medicine has not advanced to the point of sophistication we would expect from a civilization that is exploring space!

Anonymous said...

The medical historian must butt in... I can understand all of these points of views... and they each have validity. Medicine has, over the last century, grown technocratic, impersonal... and altogether distant from the healer-patient relationship to one of negotiating an impersonal "health system".

It certainly is the case in Canada, where the key to good care is getting into the right "door", i.e. seeing a competent medical practitioner. Moreover, having a bit of money helps... even in our "socialised" medical system.

I have seen competent and incompetent, sensitive and insensitive practitioners of various forms of medicine (allopathic or more naturalistic). The key is to establish a good relationship with them... which takes time to explore the "market" and energy, which we often don't have when we are in need of medical attention.

And medicine will never be an exact science... the human body is just too complex to be fixed by universal remedies. It will forever be a practice steeped in trial-and-error. It is just unfortunate (and this is an euphemism) that the victims of the errors have to be human. It is even sadder when it has to be friends or ourselves. And it is frustrating. I understand and empathise.

Doréus (a non-medical Doctor)

Momo said...

Dear Lilian,

In fact, I diagnosed myself and doing my own research on the internet, then, only, I consulted a specialist for to confirm me.

I think the space is a lot more simply than the human body.

On 10 septembre, the LHC will start the new experiments for discover the Anti-matter, the origin of the universe and the Higgs Bozon, but I think the human body and his soul will stay more complicate and more infinite than the space.

We can to hope that these esperiments will help the humanity to progress in any fields (spiritual and material).

Momo said...

Thank you, Doreus, for your valuable additional information personal and of historian.

Momo said...

Sometimes, I think that the cosmos is a kind of giant human body, put differently, it is a fractal.

I find many explications in the fractales.

Momo said...

The infinitely large joined the infinitely small, infinitely complex joined the infinitely simpler.

Momo said...

But ultimately, the answer is always the same: love.

krn said...

Yes, love.

The man is a fractale.

His fields of energy are as Russian dolls which are linked the some in the others.

Every modification rings on all other field and affects the tangible body.

Momo said...

Because of that you said that my soul is split ?

krn said...

Not your soul, Momo! never.

Your energy fields was split, and it was just for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Very hippocratic... According to this major Western medical school of thought that dominated academic medicine until the eighteenth century, the human body was seen as a microcosm, reflecting and reacting to the forces present in the universe, keeping in balance with these changing influences (and imbalance was seen as the cause of disease).

krn said...

yes, Doréus, and it is the reason for which we should pay more attention on all which surrounds us.

Lilian said...

I find quite interesting that you and KRN are comparing the cosmos with the human body. I have often thought about the same concept.

krn said...

Good morning Lilian.

Momo said...


More I go on in life, and more I note that the old theories coincide with the news theories, and the news theories with the old theories.

Example: In the past it was said that the earth was the center of the universe, today, with the new astronomical discoveries and physical, we know it is true, the earth is really in the center, since everything is at the centre.

The progress is not linear, but circomvolutive.

Momo said...

Good morning Lilian,

Καλημέρα !

Momo said...

I read somewhere that the ancient Greeks did have knowledge of the solar system, and that for them the earth wasn't in the center. The human knowledge is like a lung that breathes and expires.

Anonymous said...

Good morning (or afternoon) all! Here, it's not yet 8:00... and here I am again.

Indeed... from a flat stone to the circularity of time... It seems only Western (European-North American) thought conceive of time in a linear fashion. In China, and in Amerindian cultures, (and probably in many places in Africa) time is seen as circular, working in cycles yet not necessarily repeating itself.

Now... this is too deep to discuss before breakfast... Have a good day all!

Momo said...

Have a good day Doreus :-)

krn said...

At what moment are we all woken?

What time is it in Arica ?

Anonymous said...

Well... KRN, check this site out!

Now, I have to go torture young minds... teaching Canadian history. Have a good day all!

krn said...

thank you, Doréus, it's very clear.

Momo said...

Krn, environ 5-6 heures de moins selon qu'il est l'heure d'été ou l'heure d'hiver.


Does not torture too your pupils !

Momo said...

Doreus, I must say you that when I was student in primary school the History it was my favorit discipline.

Lilian said...

Good Afternoon to you all!

To respond to KRN's question regarding time -although Doreus kindly provided a link to a webpage on the subject- I live in Baltimore, U.S.A. and here we have the same time than Chile at the moment. As I write this comment, it's 1:10pm here, in Baltimore, and in Chile.

Saludos :)

Momo said...


You are less far than me from Chili, in space and in time.