In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Genevan rosetta's stones


mlle-cassis said...

Yeeaaah Momo!
Just discovering your blog and reading you profile I notice you like riding a bike - 'seems we have common interests then! (too bad my blog is not in English)
Anyway your project of improving your language skills with writing a blog is kinda seducing - up up keep goin'!!!

Momo said...

Thank you, mlle-cassis, for your encouragement :-)

patton said...

Riding a bike !
Come on Momo on the " Tour de France " right now , guy !

Momo said...

Ho, I'm swimming twice or three time a day currently, especially below the stars. How are you Patton ? Do you enjoy the summer ?

Momo said...
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patton said...

Yes , I do , Momo .
Will be in Geneve very soon .

patton said...

Please : don't read " Will be in Genevieve very soon..." :-D
BEAUCU say the Google letters !!!

Momo said...


patton said...

Momo ! Be kind to answer my last request in Brainstorming .
Thanks !

Momo said...

Please, clarify : restaurant l'"entrecôte couronnée" (Paquis street), or restaurant "Relay de l'entrecôte" (Rhône street). It seem that there isn't any "restaurant l'entrecôte".

patton said...

YES Momo , the one rue du Rhône , near Place Longemalle .
Is it closed in July ?

Momo said...

I called, but there is an automatic answer who say that they don't able to answer. It's weird, in my opinion they are in holiday, but you have to know that you cannot to book.

Here is the number phone if you want try again.

Relais de l'Entrecôte
rue du Rhône 49, 1204 Genève
022 310 60 04‎

And here is a list of some other best and luxurious restaurants in Geneva :

patton said...

Thanks Momo .
I called them also without any answer.
They are probably closed in July.
Anyway , I will check by myself next week .
This is my favourite Restaurant in Genéve .
I will use your list for trying an other one in July .
Thanks again

patton said...

I heard that " Brasserie Bâloise" is a good place .near rue des Pâquis .( rue Philippe Plantamour ) .
Do you know it ?

Momo said...

No, I don't know.

I must say that I don't eat meat often.

But in Geneva there are less vegetarian restaurants than in Santiago de Chile, it seem that calvinists like eat meat :-)

Guide of goods restaurants in Geneva :

Some of carnivore restaurants I know :
Red ox, bergues, lipp, café du centre, McDonald, le carnivore (

The restaurant where probably Bin laden ate (very luxurious restaurant) :

Genève annuaire :

Some restaurants open on sunday :

Restaurants where I eat usually :
Cantine de l'université (uni Dufour)
Chez ma cousine
L'âge d'or (smallest but one of the more tasty geneva's pizza (you must ask the "jambon traditionnelle" pizza)

I advise you to taste the pizza "La nonnina" (only in the pretty terrace, because inside is quite ugly) in the restaurant "Carnavale di Venezia" (55 rue de Berne, Paquis), I discovered this pizza last week (the almost more tasty I ever ate).

I advise you to go "Chez Marius"(place des Augustins), to taste good red wine, and "Boulevard des vins"(bvd Georges-Favon 3).

And don't forget to taste the best geneva's ice-cream : Arlecchino (rue du 31 Décembre 1, and rue de Berne 13). Also "Remor" (place du cirque).

patton said...

Thank you , again .
I will not test " Chez ma Cousine ", cause I have an awful memory of my last dinner " chez ma Cousine "...
(mine..) !!! Krn tried to destroy my stomach with food looking as concrete materials.....:))

Momo said...