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Friday, February 25, 2011

The trip - Montreal 3

I seen and I visited a lot of things during my trip, but I didn't took a lot of tourist photographs, Montreal was my first step, I wasn't in the photographic mood yet. I seen a lot of Rosetta’s stones in Montreal, here is some of them (seen in the Montreal’s botanic garden), they were like a transition before arrive in USA. What else about Montreal ? Lot of things, but I don't remember everything. I could mention the fact that I visited Montreal in Bixi, that the squirrels are in Montreal what the pigeons are for the Europeans, that I ate in improbables places, that I drank the worst café of my life, that I've seen the homeless with their own laptops, that I saw women and men go to the sex shops as if they were going to the supermarket, that I was quite impressed by the Basilique notre dame de montreal, that I bought a good umbrella, that I loved the studious atmosphere in Montreal's cafés, that I loved the vegan restaurant AUX VIVRES, and finally, that I met two old friends wich I didn't see from very longtime.


Marilyn said...

Hi, Momo, so long... after reading you, I wanna go to Montreal! hahaha.

Momo said...

Yes, Marilyn, I know, my trip seem quite boring in this blog, but it didn't. I enjoyed a lot, especially New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, LA and Mexico.