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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The trip - Montreal 1

I arrived in Montreal very very tired (I didn’t sleep at all in the airplane), so my first priority in Montreal was to sleep well and repair quickly the tiredness due the Jetlag. That’s why I didn’t want to sleep in a dormitory the first night. Unfortunatly I didn’t find a private room, so I had to sleep in a very unconfortable, noisy and dusty dormitory.
The next day, I finally found a relatively cheap private room. Here is a picture of a painting on the wall of my private Montreal’s room.
I must not to forget to mention the magnificent landscape of the Greenland from the airplane porthole. No picture about that, but you can imagine a very very large island and, in the distance, a sea of white. For sure, one of the most beautiful and impressive landscape I ever seen.


Flash Poker said...

Thanks for an explanation.

Momo said...

I was amused and impressed by the painting on my private room's wall of Montreal.

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