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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My World tour with Google earth

411) I decided to make the turn of the world with Google earth.

412) My trip begin at home, in Geneva.

413) I go to northward along a straight line.

414) So, I took my flight.

415) I fly too much quick, the landscape scrolls at high speed.

416) I stop for to resume with a more moderate speed.

417) Clearly, I am already in Germany, because I see scroll labels designating villages with Germanic consonant.

418) Landscape geometric cultivated fields as far as the eye.

419) The landscape changes a bit, I can already see the sea on the horizon.

420) I approach a sandy landscape, punctuated by large lagoons.

421) The sea approach at high speed.

422) I am now in full sea.

423) Now, the screen is divided into two equal geometric parts.

424) The sea is at bottom, the sky is at top.

425) I fly at two hundred eighty nine metres above sea level since thirteen minutes.

426) Twenty third minute, I see the dry land.

427) I approach its shores.

428) A yellowish land, hills as far as the eye.

429) I moved into the interior of a mountain, and another, and again another ...

430) In doing so I noticed that I automatically takes the altitude.

431) Five hundred fifty four metres above sea level.

432) I continue to take mountains in the open nose.

433) Twenty sixth minute, I fly over a region of lakes.

434) I pass through at high speed a town called Forsand.

435) The landscape is yellowish and lacustrine.

436) I think I flies at twice the speed of a plane that was preparing to land.

437) Strand is the name of the city that I just cross now.

438) I fly over a beautiful lake.

439) Another lake.

440) Some islands.

441) Another lake, and another lake, etc..

442) I entered in a mountain.

443) I climb all of a sudden to six hundred and eighty-nine metres.

444) And another lake.

445) And another again, more big.

446) I see on the horizon something like a glacier.

447) I pass through again a mountain.

448) Height: eight hundred three metres.

449) Now I fly over a lake turquoise, caressed by fog.

450) I pass through again another montain.

451) I climbed to one thousand meters.

452) Still mountains and lakes.

453) A city called Ford (with the O stroke), I fly over Sweden probably.

454) I am over several peaks of snow-capped mountains.

455) And now a huge lake.

456) I see a line that seems to draw a border, we are entering perhaps in Norway or Finland.

457) Forty sixth minute, I approach a marshy area.

458) That is a huge stretch of water on the horizon, it is still the sea.

459) It's very impressive.

460) Forty seventh minute, I am above sea.

461) The sea covers almost the entire screen of a beautiful blue.

462) Fifty second minute, I put my monocle on my right eye, because the vision of floaters bodies made me panic.

463) I breath away.

464) I eat a green pear.

465) Fifty fourth minute, I eat a second green pear.

466) Fifty fifth minute, blue, blue, blue wich scrolls as far as the eye.

467) Sixtieth minute, I eat a third green pear.

468) Seventieth minute, always the sea, alternating large tracts blue and black who scroll silently.

469) Eightieth minute, I fly over an alternation of immense black and blue spots.

470) The horizon is still absolutely flat.

471) Eightieth twenty two minutes, I eat a fourth pear.

472) I begin to have sleep.

473) Assuming that I went through Germany, Sweden and Finland, I may now supposing fly over the Barents Sea.

474) I am fed up, I decide to stop here for today.

475) I plant a thumbtack in this place, and I go to bed.

476) I continue my journey tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I had not realised that your tour around the world (not turn) had started so long ago!

Momo said...

Of course, Doreus, I started very long ago, and I stopped because I wanted try other things. Now, I would like resume and finish.