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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Compass panic

477) I resume my world tour to the place where I stopped last time.

478) In the absence of any landmark space, it is difficult for me to say how fast I move.

479) Probably fairly quickly.

480) Altitude: One thousand and forty-four meters.

481) The sea covers almost the entire screen.

482) I do not see anything else, except an alternation of huge spots black and blue which pass slowly and silently.

483) The sky is gray.

484) Four-twenty-sixth minute, snowy shores appeared on the sides.

485) I suddenly feel of driving on a highway.

486) But the snowy shores soon disappear.

487) I don't know what happened.

488) And that, in the distance, what is it?

489) A bizarre icon appeared on the horizon.

490) A sort of golden frame with an effigy in the middle.

491) I am astonished to see an icon here.

492) I'm now very close to the thing.

493) In fact, it's a sort of arch with a sort of blue sphere in the middle.

494) The sea seems to converge in that point, as if it irradiated from there

495) The compass seems to panic.

496) The label states: true magnetic north pole.

497) Funny thing: the pictures that are supposed to show the views of this place, show tropical beaches.

498) Eighty tenth minute, I will stop here for today.


Anonymous said...

Reading this made me think, of course, of the case of Bermuda triangle. And then i ask myself: are Bermuda triangle the simplest form of turbulence/disruption in the laws of physics? Could it be Bermuda square, circle or even Bermuda sphere? I wonder?

Good work!
Maybe we met by the coffee shop by the "paradoxe perdu" one of these days.

Momo said...

Thanks for your interesting comments. "Paradoxe perdu"? Coffee? That’s just , I love good coffee, therefore I go every day to "Amaretti", for tast the best ristretto of Geneva.