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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarcastic new moon


krn said...

I have just spent a moment to examine this sarcastic moon.

I saw that it had annexed stars.

The sky is cloudy this evening, it's pity, otherwise I would have looked which one missed in the Milky Way.

Momo said...

Milky way ? I thought that the Milky Way was a chocolat, but now, I know that is also "la Voie Lactée".

krn said...

I live in the deep country. There is no light at night.

We see very well the Milky Way and very very small stars.

Milky Way ? Isn't a milk chocolate with coconut inside ?

Momo said...

Milky way

I thought that the Milky Way was only visible from the south side of the earth.

krn said...

We can see the Milky Way only when there is no light.
In city, lampposts "pollute" the night.
I like stars and I often look at them.

Momo said...

You are very lucky of look the Milky way and the stars.

Have you saw the link for Milky way chocolat ?

krn said...

Yes, I saw the milky way chocolate.

I put a photo of the Milky Way on my blog. I see it like that when there are no clouds and no moon.

I wrote this article in affectionate remembrance of a very close lovefriend died on September first, 2001

krn said...

Is the moon less sarcastic today ?

Momo said...

Little less, little less.

It's the come back of panic attack for me, since some days, it's hard.

Difficult days.

You are very lucky of see the Milky Way in this way, in energetic talking, I think you receive more negative ions than me, I don't know why, but I think that the stars produce plenty of negatives ions.

krn said...

I suppose that my two lime trees already have to produce negative ions. Not to be in city is beneficial too.

On the other hand, everything is far.
Even friends.
Sometimes I feel too much the solitude.

krn said...

I felt something was wrong with you.
I know what panic attacks do in the mind.

Sometimes, everything is well and panic appears without warning. Later, I don't feel safe anywhere.

It is very alarming to be alone without anybody all around when it comes.

Momo said...


How do you felt something was wrong with me ?

My ex-girl friend is in the same situation, she live in a big house in the edge of country side, sometimes she feel alone.

Panic attack come from my eyes, so the alert mood is permanent.

Often, I can't see people in the eyes.

But, I repeat, how do you felt something was wrong with me ?

The tone, the rhythme, the words, the energy, the drawing ?

krn said...

My cousin and I, after a separation of a half-life during which we had no contact, went to meet again.

I looked at him, with opened mind, when I saw appearing a beautiful blue aura around him. At the same moment, I felt feelings which were not mine but came from him.

I learnt more during these some moments that during all our conversations.

He says that I am a witch. That's not true.

His spirit emitted feelings and I intercepted them.

It had already arrived with other persons before, he is not the only one. But, it was different, stronger, more intimate.

When I think of the Lake, I see you on the road of stinging nettles.
All this water represents a fantastic energy. I feel that you are very close to this lake. it undergoes the influence of the moon a billion times more than you.

When I saw your drawing, I fell very anxious. I imagined the lake, and you weren't on the lane. I read again the comments on the birthday and I fell that your energy was split. I can't explain otherwise.

krn said...

I must say that I had already fell that when I came for the first time on your blog. Do you remember when ?

Momo said...


My energy was split ?

Maybe you are really a witch, but I feel often the same thing : for example, when I feel well, I receive many telephones, and when I feel bad, I don't receive many telephones.

In other words, I think the people feel the energy of the other people, even if they far off, above all if there are many signs (writing, drawing, etc).

Did you felt the wrong energy the first time that you came in my blog ?

In fact, it does not surprise me.

krn said...

The energy is never bad or wrong, it is sometimes insufficient, sometimes split, mostly, it is blocked, it is this blocking which I felt the first time.

You are right. Even they are not conscient of it, people feel the energies.

Birds of a feather stick together, it is just only that. An agreement between energies.

krn said...

How and why do I came on your blog ?

One evening of panic, I felt as the dinner guests trapped in the lounge, with this impossibility to go out of it.

I clicked " l'ange exterminateur " in my favorite films.

Do it, Momo, and tell me what you see.

Momo said...

I did it, and I found you, Krn. Well-done ! One of my favourite movies, certainly.

krn said...

Is it fate?

I saw this film in the original version, in Spanish.

Lilian said...

Hello Momo!
I'm back from my vacation... Thanks for visiting my blog while I was looking at the Milky Way from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and also enjoying the beach. I have the deepest tan you can imagine :D

I'm sorry I missed this drawing of yours at the time you published it. Even though, I'm late in commenting, just wanted to tell you that I love it. Why? Because me encantan los colores y el "desorden ordenado" de el. It gives me good vibes...

Un abrazo

Momo said...

Hello Lilian !!!!!

I'm glad to know you back, and that you like this drawing, when I did it I did not feel very well.