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Friday, August 15, 2008



Momo said...

Eight years of correspondence.

I erased eight years of correspondence in a single click.

All mails that were in my box reception have disappeared in one fell swoop, absolutely all.

It's a disaster!

As a matter of fact, I wanted to erase only one, but I've selected all, by mistake, by automatism, because I was in a hurry.

When I realised that, it was too late.

I'm shocked, traumatized !

I find it astonishing that it's technically possible to erase 8 years of correspondence with a single click.

I think that this technical facility is criminal!

An equally significant gesture, an action also fraught with consequences should at least be preceded by a warning saying: "Would you really erase all of your inbox?",

Followed by another warning: "Are you sure you wanting to do this? "And then another:" Are you crazy ? ".

But, no, just a click.

Of course, it's possible that, in my hurry, I did not see the warning, but when well even : only one click !

8 years of correspondence disappeared, not in the lyric flames of a devastating fire, not in the unforgiving waters of a flood, but in a single click, a single and petty small mouse click.

krn said...

Aren't the correspondences in the basket?

In my mailbox, when I erase, I have a first warning:

" You erased a conversation. To confirm? "

And even if I click on yes, I can go to look for it in the basket.

Is this not the same thing ?

Momo said...

Alas, no, Krn. I'm sad and anguished.

krn said...

Your mailbox is not the google one ?

krn said...

By looking in the section help of your mailbox, it mayt exist a solution, it seems to me impossible to erase the totality of messages at one time.

krn said...

Sorry, it may exist, i wrote an additionnal "t"

Momo said...

Alas, yes, Krn, this is possible, I was in hurry, and I do not saw the warning. It's an irreparable disaster.

Momo said...

"may" - "mayt", yes, I did the correction mentally.

krn said...

I am wholeheartedly with you, Momo, and I do not want to minimize the disaster, but is not this an unconscious will to turn the page and to look no more to the past ?

I know that my words are hard to hear. Excuse me if I go too far.
I feel so powerless.

krn said...

I say to myself that all that we exchange also can disparaitre from day to day without traces if blogger fall out of order.

Do you save your blog somewhere ?

Momo said...

You are too kind, Krn.

This is really possible to save the blog ? I didn't know.

krn said...

I am very disturbed. I have just found the word for " disparaitre " it is "fade away".

I am sorry. I realize that what happens to you is very alarming and that fact feeds my anxiety because I don't bear the
contrariety of my friends.

Try to take your mistake for a positive act. I can say nothing else. I'm very sad for you.

krn said...

Saving is always possible when we have a software of word processor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, technology has its downfalls... It makes creation easier... and destruction alike.

I don't tend to keep emails in my virtual mailbox for long; it either gets printed or deleted... but then again, each of us manages our files our own way.

I feel your pain. Eight years is a lot of correspondence...

I'm a compulsive back-upper... so I do have hard copies of important stuff, and many copies of important computer-generated documents. It's something I learned a long time ago, when systems were not quite as reliable and supports like diskettes were more likely to fail.

The possibility of blog hosts disappearing out into the ether has crossed my mind several times... I print my blog entries after a while, so that I can also print comments (it's easier on WordPress than on Blogger).

Good luck trying to find a way to retrieve your correspondence... or dealing with the grief. I feel your sadness and empathise with you.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, when I saw your illustration, two ideas came to mind:

1. Ah! Momo is right-handed (droitier)

2. Beware of carpal tunnel syndrome!

Anonymous said...

KRN, "fade away" means to disappear slowly... for example, the noise from the engine of a car going away from you fades away. If the person in the car is a friend, it's also possible that with time and distance, the friendship fades away... yet it is not necessary! Communication technology and the will to keep friendships strong can prevent that... provided that no ill-advised "clicks" make the whole thing vanish (disappear) in one fell swoop.

This being said, we feel your pain very strongly, despite the distance.

Momo said...


Thanks a lot for your empathy and your very generous explanation, as usual :-)

To tell the truth, since long time I worry about this possible accident. But, this is too late.

I asked myself several time how make that.

I think the backup should be easier, more automatic (yes, I suppose that there are some software for that).

It's too much easy erase all posts, but the backup is too dificult and boring.

Momo said...

What does "carpal tunnel syndrome" mean ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you... it's easier to delete than it is to back-up information! It does get tedious and boring.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (also called repeated-strain injury of the wrist) is a pathological condition that develops when the tendons of the fingers swell (because of repeated actions like clicking a mouse) and get "cramped" in the area between the bones of the wrist where they pass. It causes extreme pain and can become debilitating. Many people who do repetitive jobs like digital imaging are susceptible to developing that condition. It can also develop because of bad ergonomics when typing or "mousing". I think the French equivalent is syndrome méso-carpien.

Momo said...

I understood, Doreus. You made me laugh :-)

krn said...

How are you, Momo ?

Momo said...

I'm fine, and you ?

Thanks a lot for your friendly empathy, krn, you are so kind.

Momo said...


Usually, when the moon is full, I feel strange, in a sort of melancolic moods.

Lilian said...

Sorry about what happened to you Momo... I missed a couple of days and here you are with plenty of stories to tell.

If you use hotmail or yahoo even gmail you should have called the Help desk right away to try to recover the files. Maybe, there is still time?