In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A year of English

This month is the first birthday of my English learning. It's already one year since I started to learn the English in self-taught in the edge of the lake Leman between two baths, during the summer. First, I began study with children's books and web sites, next, I also watched many subtitled movies. Then, in september 2007, I started to write my thesis (my blog) in English with translation tools in the web (such "Google translation" or "Babel fish"). After the exams, I fall in a post partum depression, so I decided to continue the blog and to continue learning the English through lessons in a language school. Since, I write every days in English, specially in the comments section of my blog (specially thanks to Lilian, Doreus, and Krn, thank you everybody for your kind comments). I think that I did never been strong for learn news tongues, but the fact is that English will my fourth tongue. In my life, I had to learn many languages : first I learned the Castellano (starting from my birth), then the italian (in my childhood, it was the first tongue that I learned write), then the french (in my adolescence, it was the first tongue I could finally to develop), and now, the English. 

When I had to learn french, I said to myself that this is too much for my little head, I felt like with cognitive extra work. So I decided to learn only the french (without any attention for the English), because I wanted speak normally with my friends, and because I felt always like a outsider. It was very difficult learn French, it's a language with a lot of sonic nuances and homophonic words (there aren't homophonic words in the italian or in the spanish, each word is very distinct, definite and plain). Because of all these changing of languages, I felt all my life like an outsider everywhere, even in my birth country.

I hope the English will be the last language that I must learn, but I have say that learn English had been a good thing for me, because it mark a transition, or the start of something, I don't know what. The fact is that English has a kind of molecular power for me, it like if it repair my head, a music that tells me something that happens. If I arrive to exit of this bad situation (I talk about my health), the English will be for ever the music of the miracle. But, for now, in spite of some obvious progress, the English rest for me a kind of a extraterrestial tongue, because I don't have been yet the lucky of to practice the conversation. Put differently, I would need now an immersion.


Anonymous said...

First, Momo, let me tell you how proud I am of your progress. Sure, there are still errors, but you write a very understandable English. Polishing takes time. It's only been a year! I repeat: I am extremely proud both of your efforts and your progress.

Furthermore, as the comments on the previous posts have pointed out, your blog not only has allowed you to make great progress in learning a language, but it has provided an international forum where people from many origins have met and exchanged ideas. Who knew, when you started, that it would happen?

Finally, yes, it is probably time for an immersion. I'd invite you to spend a month in Alberta... except you are starting graduate studies, are you not?

Keep up the good work. I'll stand by you (as I'm sure many others who regularly comment here will).

Momo said...


Thanks you very much, you are so kind !!!!

You must know that you have been a very important support for me during this year, your comments and your corrections made me do a lot progress.

After your generous presentation of Alberta in your blog, your invitation is like a dream (it's a so beautiful country), but you know, I will start graduate study in september.

But, I keep this invitation in my memory.

In the meantime, big hug for you and your likeable cats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Momo. And you are welcome to Alberta whenever you need a break (and an immersion!). It is a pleasure exchanging views and ideas with you.

Momo said...

Doreus, I like exchanging views and ideas with you, too.

Thank you for your visit.

Anonymous said...

I really like the drawing that illustrates your post. It's full of light and energy. And the energy is tamed, unlike your depression/panic attack drawings, which were overwhelmingly full of energy.

Momo said...


yes, I prefer the drawing than photograph, thank you a lot for the encouragement, even if I don't still sure if I will keep this one.

Yes, the panic attack and her consequences made that I've need many strong colours.

This is symptomatic.

krn said...

Great, Momo!

You have to feel that it is an important moment.

I encourage you to continue this blog which is very pleasant to read.

We meet nice persons there and I have to admit that it is a chance for me because I have to make the effort to express me not only in English but also in Castillan which I believed forgotten since a long time.

Momo said...

Of course, Krn, we can write also in spanish here.

Thanks you for your kind words of encouragement.

krn said...

You changed your drawing ! I liked the other one. We guess it through the new drawing. Is this one more representative?

Momo said...

I don't know, Krn, I try, I need distance.

I feel very confused, there are many reasons at that, starting by the new moon, she is very strong today.

But, I must to be honest, this drawing is also the result of the anguish that I feel today, probably because of the moon.

krn said...

Momo, it is your space, don't be sorry.
This drawing is your creation. It thus reflects that you feel and to express these feelings can make only the good.

I don't know how to say that I have some affection for you without going too far. maybe because I am often disturbed by the moon and it has a big importance for me.

I think it is the moment to try a mandala.

Momo said...

Krn, I appreciate to receive the opinions of my readers.

The moon is realy very strong today, very very strong, and, unfortunately, I saw already something that I would like never see.

It's a terrible night for me, very melancolic, I prefer to go to the bed.

Thank you, Krn, for your kind words, you give some heat in my heart.

krn said...

Do you sleep, Momo?

No moon, this evening, even new, it will only get up tomorrow morning with day. It will be near the sun and we shall not see it because it will be very tiny.

Estoy totalmente contenta porque encontré el signo de interrogación invertido que permite poner una cuestión en español.

¿ Viste ?

Momo said...

Bonjour Krn,

Comment ça va ?

Figurez vous que je ne sais même pas à quoi il sert ce signe d'interrogation inversé.

Sinon, comme vous le voyez, je broie du noir.

Cet anniversaire de nouvelle lune me déboussole complètement, et je ne sais même plus ce que je fais, ce qui, soit dit en passant, n'est pas nécessairement une mauvaise chose, car le fait de se perdre est une condition sine qua none de toute invention.

Je soupçonne mon ordinateur d'avoir attrapé un virus.

Il est lent, super lent, je tape les mots et ils apparaissent une seconde après.

C'est énervant, et ça change le ton et la manière d'écrire !

L'eau du lac était à 23 degrés aujourd'hui, ils y avait plein de puces de canards, ça me gratte de partout, mais c'est supportable, surtout si je pense à la piscine.

I hate the swimming pools.

krn said...

Il y a d'autres raisons qu'un virus pour lesquelles un ordinateur devient lent.

Parfois le disque est surchargé de fichiers temporaires ou la corbeille est pleine, tout simplement.

Les anti-virus sont généralement efficaces.(bon, il y en a qui sont des passoires mais on ne va pas les citer)

Le point d'interrogation inversé ? mais, c'est pour marquer le début de la phrase interrogative. Je l'oubliais toujours quand j'apprenais l'espagnol au lycée et j'ai du en faire 150 sur une feuille blanche un jour où ma prof était énervée.

krn said...

Oh, we forgot to speak in English!

I made a drawing of my ideas, black as the moon.

I put it in "le défouloir"

Momo said...

150 points d'interrogation inversés sur une feuille blanche ? Et comment traduit-on le JAJAJAJA castillan ?

IL est si pratique ce JAJAJAJA, car le :-) n'est peut-être pas aussi expressif, qu'en pensez-vous ?

Bon la lenteur de mon ordi s'est manifestée après avoir téléchargé, sans le vouloir, une vidéo...

Mais c'est vrai que mon disque système est plein à craquer.

Mais il est devenu lent après ce téléchargement, pas avant.

Trop fatigué pour écrire Englais today, houlalalaaaa.

Je vais jeter un coup d'oeil dans le défouloir, j'ai espoir que votre nouvelle lune sera plus heureuse que la mienne.

Momo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
krn said...


Mais c'est l'histoire de la nourrice de Beethoven !

Un jour, un journaliste parvient à retrouver la nourrice de Beethoven.
Il lui dit : "Il parait que vous avez beaucoup influencé le petit Ludwig"
Alors la nourrice répond :

Bien sûr c'est assez personnel comme explication, et je ne sais donc pas si vous l'adopterez.

J'avoue avoir triché pour les 150 points d'interrogation inversés...
J'ai retourné la feuille pour les faire.

krn said...

Pour parler plus sérieusement, cette vidéo était peut-être très lourde. Le disque fonctionne bien jusqu'au moment où un fichier supplémentaire vient empêcher la sauvegarde de s'effectuer.
Là, il y a danger de blocage. Il faut faire quelque chose avant que ça arrive.

Momo said...

Jajajajajajajajajaj !!!!! Vous me faites trop rire.

A propos de Bethoven : Vous ne vouliez pas plutot dire : JA JAJA JAJAJAJA, JA JAJA JAJAJAJAAA... ha, non ,je confond avec le jeune Amadeus.


Plus sérieuesement, si je dis : HAHAHAHAHA en français, ça sonne ironique ou sardonique, non ?

Alors comment faire ? Hihihi, ou huhuhuhuu ?

Momo said...

mais je l'ai mise à la corbeille la vidéo téléchargée (partiellement téléchargée, parce-que j'ai interrompu tout de suite après avoir réalisé la chose), bon, de toute façon il faut que je fasse formater mon computer un de ces jours, ça fait longtemps que je me dis que je dois le faire.


Finalement, je crois que vais garder le signe :-) même s'il est mois expressif que le jajajaja castillan, me semble-t-il.

Momo said...

Je vais essayer d'aller dormir. Bonne nuit Krn.

krn said...

Non, pas du tout, mais le HAHAHAHA français n'est pas le JAJAJAJA.

Ce son "J" n'existe pas en Français.
Il existe dans les langues slaves et orientales et s'écrit d'ailleurs différemment. "X" en cyrillique et "H" en caractères latins.
A ma connaissance, il n'y a qu'en espagnol qu'il est représenté par "J"

krn said...

Hihihi, ou huhuhuhuu ? je trouve que ça fait cheval...

Oh, c'est la voix de la raison qui parle. Je vais peut-être en faire autant.

NB, j'ai lavé mes draps aujourd'hui et ils sont pliés sur le lit..."soupir"

Momo said...

Oui, mais, alors, pour simplifier, comment puis-je exprimer le JAJAJAJA castillan en français et phonétiquement (étant entendu que le jajaja castillan signifie "rire") ?

Momo said...

Oui, et la "J" castillane à des origines arabes de toute évidence.

Les draps ?

Momo said...

: (cheval) HIIIIIIII



: (automobile) TUT ! TUUUT ! , T-U-U-U-U-T ! , (vieux kIaxon) COIN-COIN ! , POUET-POUET , (voiture de pompiers) PIN-PON-PIN-PON

: (mouton) BEEEEEE !

: (de douleur) OUAïlïE ! AïïïE ! , WHOUAAAH ! , (de joie) YÉÉÉÉÉH ! , HOURRA ! , HIPIPIPHOURRA ! ; (d'étonnement) OOOH ! , (de frayeur) AAAAH ! , AIEEEE ! IIIIII ! : (petit cri d'étonnement) HEEEEE ?! ,

Effort violent


: BAF ! , SPLAF ! , PAF ! , SPAF ! , BING !


: (de douleur) WHOUAH , WHOOOAH , (voir aussi CRI) HOULA

: AHAHAHAHAH ! , OH ! OH ! AH ! AH ! AH ! , HI ! HI ! HI ! , (gros rire) WHA HA ! HA !


Ce WHA HA ! HA ! me semble être le plus rapproché du JAJAJAJAJ castillan.

Ouais, je crois que je vais adopter ce WHA HA ! HA !, il est très bien ce WHA HA ! HA !, rien à redire sur ce WHA HA ! HA !, ne pensez-vous plaf ?

krn said...

Délire complet...

Je n'ai pas fait mon lit. Je crosi que je vais juste mettre celui du dessous et me mettre dans la couette.

Je pense que chaque langue a ses expressions propres.
Le JAJAJAJA castillan restera castillan.
C'est un beau rire franc et sympathique.

Restons sur ce rire avant d'aller dormir. J'aime bien rire et faire rire. c'est le début du bonheur, je veux dire l'insouciance.

Bonne nuit Momo

krn said...

...du moins ce qu'il en reste.

Wha ha ha !...

Momo said...

Bonne nuit, buenas noches, buona notte, Gute Nacht, лека нощ, 晚安, 안녕히 주무세요, laku noć, godnat, hyvää yötä, καληνύχτα, शुभ रात्रि, おやすみなさい, goedenacht, god natt, dobranoc, boa noite, noapte bună, спокойной ночи, dobrou noc, good night, ....

Oui, du moins ce qu'il en reste.....

Anonymous said...

I was absent... and missed a fascinating discussion once again. Darn it!

By the way, the Spanish "jota" sound does exist in French... but not in the standard version of it. Where I come from, all "J" were pronounced like the Spanish "jota".

So imagine the sound of the name of the town where I grew up: Joliette. The "J" is pronounced like a "jota" and the "l" is a "yod". It sounds something like "Hoyette".

And Momo, take heart... the new moon will not last forever; neither will your depression.

Momo said...

Inchallah ! Doreus.

Are you referring to the french Quebec tongue ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is one of the ways in which French is spoken in Québec... but there is no unified "Québec French"; there are a multitude of ways of speaking French in the different regions. It's not quite as different from one region to the other as it is in France (and there's a long history of how the various French patois combined in New France to give us the "mainstream" Québec French, but there are audible differences from area to area. And then, if you add the French communities in Canada outside of Québec, you get a whole lot of other accents.

Momo said...

Thank you, Doreus, for your interesting explanation.

patton said...

SORRY ! Don't disturb ...I'm looking at " Tétes à claques " from Montreal (Quebec ) ....

Momo said...

I saw "têtes à claques" on Youtube once. It was funny, but I don't understand very well the quebecois pronunciation.

Best regard Patton