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Monday, August 4, 2008

My summer - Chronicle of happy moments - A bathing after storm

My doctor advised me to make effort to remember the happy moments, not just bad moments, as I tend to do so. So here a happy moment :

I went to bathing after storm. The water was so quietly, so sweet and friendly that I had the impression of slide on a mirror. Seeing this rainbow, I made a wish.

I took this photograph after bathing. This is nettles (Doreus, this photograph is for you).

I left the place serene and happy.

(somebody know how put the texte in the middle ?)


Doréus said...

You live surrounded by beauty! Take it in!

Thanks for the nettles... still can't find it here!

And for centering text, if you look in the toolbar above the text when you edit it, there are four different options about text alignment (between the icon for hyperlinks and that for numbered lists). Highlight your text to be centered and then click on the second icon (for centering).

Momo said...

Thank you, Doreus, I understood. Great ! The text is centered now.

Anonymous said...

Oh... little vocabulary distinction (I'll start feeling like I'm pestering you here... but you asked for it!)

Chronic = chronique au sens de «tout le temps» (a chronic disease).
Chronicle = chronique au sens de «une série d'événements racontés» (a chronicle of my trip around Southern Alberta).

Momo said...

Absolutely no, Doreus, you have absolutely understood one of the purposes of this blog.

I would like to receive more corrections like this one.

Please, don't hesitate send me all corrections you want and when you want, it's the best gift that you can make me (but without never yourself feel forced).

That goes without saying that in french this is not the same thing, because I think the level of my French is enough good.

krn said...

Hi Momo,

Your first picture touch on way of life.
Man is alone to wander over this restricted path, even if he feels beeing escorted by friends or family.

We are seeing here a little bit of this pathway, just the one to walk along the wall.

At the end of the wall, maybe the path turns on the left, leaving us discovering another way to go.

Sometimes,it may occur that ther is no longer a road to go, but nobody knows when.

So the life runs, whith good and bad surprises.

Yesterday was a silent day fot all of us.

Nice to see you again.

NB :
To wander over = to travel through

To touch on = to evoke

Momo said...

Krn, your interpretation is wonderfull.

Thank you for the translations at bottom.

krn said...

After the horse among the trees, I couldn't inhibit my eyes from seeing two hens pecking near the squirt.

Momo said...

This is true !!!!! I see them also !!!!!

Here are two others examples of pictures with double reading.

krn said...

Thank you Momo,

I didn't knew the third one.
It was not easy to find, but really very interesting.

Momo said...

Yes, for me it was difficult too. But we are proud after to have found.

krn said...

We are especially wondering how it was possible not to see it immediately.

I think that we see only what is consistent with our mind.

krn said...

I knew a woman who was paralyzed and blind of the left-hand side.

This woman was near her husband when this one was killed by a mechanical detail ejected by a car which they crossed.

Medically speaking, she had nothing which could cause this paralysis. She had been so shocked by the fact that she had seen that she felt died from the side where her husband had been killed.

We see only what we agree to see. Maybe not agreed you to see what an autopsy reveals.
I think of it since a moment and these images with double meaning give me the occasion.

What do you think about my analysis ?

Momo said...

Krn, I've not enough time now for answered at your very interesting question, I go back later....

krn said...

See you soon.

Momo said...

Krn, your analysis is too much complex for my english, so I will write in french.

C'est compliqué ce que vous avancez là, et ça prouve que vous touchez à quelque chose de sensible.

Il y va de considérations phénoménologiques, cognitives, éthiques, déantologiques, etc, aussi je ne sais pas par quel bout commencer.

"Le monde n'est plus la possibilité de voir, mais l'impossibilité de ne pas voir".

Je ne me souviens pas qui a dit ça, mais ça traduit ma première impression en relation à votre analyse.

Il est avéré que les troubles post traumatiques engendrent tout un cortège de symptômes en rapport avec le choc subi.

Alors, pour faire court, oui, certainement, en général nous ne voyons que ce que nous voulons ou pouvons voir (dans la limite de nos sens, de nos codes culturels, etc), et c'est un grand pouvoir du cerveau de pouvoir traiter les choses plus ou moins problématiques et traumatisantes qui nous arrivent au cours de notre vie.

Le trouble post-traumatique, à l'inverse, se caractérise par le fait que le cerveau, dépassé par l'intensité d'une expérience inacceptable, n'arrive pas à traiter l'information, et commence à tourner en boucle l'information, sans jamais être digérée.

Alors, le même cauchemar viens sans cesse vous hanter, vous rappelant les images obsédantes et tyranniques que vous voudriez oublier, mais que vous n'arrivez pas à oublier, comme si le cerveau sollicitait ce travail qui n'a pas été fait au moment du choc.

Il ne faut pas surestimer notre capacité de supporter la vision de tout et de n'importe quoi, c'est pourquoi je pense que c'est aussi une question de cadre et de rituel, en un mot ; de contexte.

Si j'avais vu ces images en étant préparé, comme n'importe quel étudiant en médecin qui commence par disséquer des grenouilles anesthésiées au formol accompagné de son professeur, ma récéption aurait été sans nul doute différente.

Si je n'avais pas joué avec le bébé cochon, quand j'avais 4 ans, je n'aurais pas été aussi choqué de le voir se faire égorger le matin suivant, et de devoir en outre le manger.

Quand ma mère me servait le poisson entier sur l'assiette, ce que je voyais en premier c'était ses yeux qui me regardaient fixement, les yeux du poisson qui vous fixent pendant que vous le mangez m'a toujours été insupportable.

Connaissez vous les images stéréoscopiques ?

On n'arrive à voir ces images qu'au bout d'un certain effort de concentration et d'adaptation des yeux par rapport à la profondeur.

Momo said...

À oui, j’oubliais, vous m'avez fait vraiment beaucoup rire, Krn, avec les deux poules :-)

krn said...

I know that it is not easy to express everything when we begin, but I continue all the same in English. I shall translate if it is necessary.

I followed the links. Regrettably, my eyes cannot look fixedly, the stereoscopic images are thus dumb for me. My daughter had offered me a book of these images, I ever saw nothing.

Really, the problem of the traumatism comes because by protecting itself, we often build up to ourselves a more painful problem.

I crossed my first corpse in your attractive lake, its jacket had taken itself in the chain of my pedal boat. I remember it still very well.

Momo said...

You want say that the post traumatic symptom is a defence mechanism ? If yes, I'm agreed.

It's not necessary to look fixedly for see some thing, the principle is somewhere else.

Realy ? Your first corpse, in my lake ?

And your second corpse ?

Sometimes I've afraid to drown myself.

But I swim without my jacket.

krn said...

You mean to say " I am afraid of drowning myself " doubtless.
But you know how to swim, no?

I was on holidays in Lausanne, I was 13 years old. I was on the lake with two older boys. At a moment, they could not pedal any more, it was clamped.
I was lighter, then I went to remove that I believed to be a rag.
By pulling the fabric, I saw... and I was afraid.

I think that this man felt from a boat and had been struck by a helix or something like that.

krn said...

To bathe with his jacket is a very elegant way of drowning itself.

I prefer the rubber ring with head of duck, more ridiculous but so more effective than a ceremonial dress to stay on the water and not sink into the gaps of the lake.

Momo said...

Yes, I do, I can swim, I can swim very well, but sometimes I have a panic attack during swimming (nothing serius) ...

Do you think that you suffer from post traumatic syndrome because of dead man in the lake (I think at panic attack) ?

For a really elegant drowning, I think it better choose the rubber ring and the ceremonial jacket, together.

Momo said...

Hum... we must not forget that this post is entitled "Chronicle of happy moments"...

krn said...

I did not have nightmares after the episode of the lake and I have very good memories of this place. The next day, I bathed in this lake.
I thought that thanks to us who have pulled him with the pedal boat, this man had found a true grave. I just prayed for him.
Later, I applied to make of the death something like an everyday occurence.

But you are right.
Small fragments of happiness are almost everywhere, in the sensation of the water which slides on the skin, in the bouquet of nettles, in the sunbeam which crosses the house.
You know very well how to perceive them, as proves exactly these pictures.

Anonymous said...

Boy! I go away for a day... and all of this happens!

Just a few notes:

1. I don't have stereoscopic vision (from the fact I was born with strabismus which, even though it was surgically corrected at age three and my eyes now look straight, impeded the development of the necessary neuronal connexions). Therefore, I can't see stereograms... It was very frustrating when they were in vogue here, around 1993-94.

2. I felt goosebumps when I read about that corpse... But, KRN, you turned it into a story of appeasement. I'm impressed.

3. I've had trouble swimming in the past few years following a panic attack and hyperventilation event in a pool about 10 years ago. I used to love swimming, but now I only wade. Yet, water is still a source of happiness for me and it was so this afternoon. Swimming may come this weekend if the heat keeps up; my visiting friends brought the necessary swimsuits!

krn said...

goosebumps ?

Momo said...

Goosebump = chaire de poule (dictionnaire electronique de poche Larousse franklin)

krn said...

By crossing the Channel the hens became gooses.

This characteristic exists moreover only when they are plucked, then we understand with fellow feelings why they are afraid.

Momo said...

Krn, I'm happy to share this happiness with you.

It maybe a little insipid of talk about happiness, but I need it currently, because I started an hard treatment from post-traumatic symptom, because it generate nightmares and depression.

I think that the prayer is a well way to bear the hard moments.

I have the impression that I write with many mistakes lately, but this is because of, for the first time, I write directly, almost without Google translation.

krn said...

A true poem on the white goddess gives a sensation at the middle road between the frenzy and the horror which has for immediate effect to make rais hairs on the head of the one who hears it.

According to A.E. Houssman, a practical test was to shave itself by reciting such a poem so that the hair bristles better.

krn said...

Yes payer is a good means, a good way
The meditation is wholesome too.

Momo said...

En traversant la "Manche" les poules deviennent des oies ?

krn said...

Yes sir, you are the best!

Momo said...


I love stereograms, because it's like meditation, and it doesn't work if you watch the picture without to breathe calmly.

I'm sorry that you don't have stereoscopic vision, but you don't look too handicapped with that.

I'm relieved of know that the water is still a source of happiness for you.

Momo said...

Yes, krn, I practice meditation too.

Lilian said...

How could I have missed so much? Is that the lake you always talk about? The water looks like a mirror and is inviting. Would it be possible to know the geographical location of such lake?
Un abrazo grande :)
PS: I'm writing you from Ocean City, Maryland. It's a gorgeus day. The sky is blue, there is a slight breeze. It's almost 6pm and the water in the canal in front of the terrace where I am sitting -at the house where I'm staying- forms little waves. My dog is sitting next to me, and there is only calm in the air, besides the sounds the seagulls made.

Momo said...

Lilian, I missed you !

How nice image, you and your dog in front of the window, and the view of the sea, woaw !

Yes, is that. The lake is called "Leman
", in the french side of Switzerland.

The place that you see is from three minutes to my flat.

This is the bigger lake of middle Europe.

Thanks for the visit and the kind words, Lilian !

krn said...

When something really ugly arrives, I say to myself that I have to be paying a bad action which I would have carried out in a previous life.

My karma relieves and that gives me a certain satisfaction in spite of what I have to suffer.

I am confident in the future. I hope that I shall live happy one day and if I am in the error, it's not serious because that will not last for a long time.

Dont't you think i am right ?

krn said...

Momo, your pictures are so beautiful and so real that I'd like to come to see this pathway and these nettles in Geneva.

Lilian said...

Monsieur Momo--
There is a linguistic question for you and Doreus at my blog. In case you have a moment, your input would be appreciated.
Warm Regards

Momo said...

Dear Lilian, this is already done :-)

Krn, I'll be back later for answer your interesting question.

Anonymous said...

That was very quick... Gracias!

Momo said...


De nada.

Today, I've the gift ubiquity :-)

Momo said...

Ho mejor dicho, ubiquity gift.

Lilian said...

jajajaja Yes, Saint Momo can be everywhere at the same time; he is ubiquitous :D

Momo said...

Krn, actually, I took these photographs without any pretension, but I'm very pride that you like them, but I think that the light, the the rainbow and clouds helped me a lot.

Maybe, this place doesn't easy find, it's near to garden of "Perle du lac".

Here is two extracts of my reading today (at edge the lake, this evening):

"Si mon destin a été de naître à Buenos Aires en 1899, si je suis aveugle, si je fais cette conférence ce soir devant vous, tout cela est oeuvre de ma vie antérieure".

"Deussen, disciple de Schopenhauer, fervent adepte du bouddhisme, raconte qu'il rencontra en Inde un mendiant aveugle dont il eut compassion. Le mendiant lui dit : "Si je suis né aveugle, c'est dû aux fautes que j'ai commises au cours de ma vie antérieure ; il est juste que je sois aveugle." On accepte la souffrance. Gandhi s'oppose à la fondation d'hôpitaux en disant que les hôpitaux et les oeuvres de bienfaisance retardent simplement le paiement d'une dette, qu'il ne faut pas aider les autres : si les autres souffrent, c'est qu'il doivent souffrir car ils ont une faute à payer et si je les aide je retarde le paiement de cette dette".

Conférences de J. L. Borges sur le bouddhisme.

Momo said...

Personnellement, je trouve que la citation précédente est assez scandaleuse et immorale, mais bon, il faut la placer dans son contexte.

"L'essentiel c'est que nous croyons que notre destin a été fixé à l'avance par notre karma".

En voici une autre, à peu près du même genre:

"Ce qui transmigre, ce n'est pas l'âme car le bouddhisme nie son existence, mais le karma qui est une sorte d'organisme mental, qui transmigre un nombre infini de fois".


Avez-vous lu Emmanuel Swedenborg, krn ?

C'est un mystique suédois (1688-1772) qui pourrait peut-être vous intéresser à en croire vos qualifications de tanatonaute, je viens de lire une courte bibliographie sur lui, par Borges.

Mais, bon, je pense que tout ceci doit être chose connue pour vous, Krn, j'en arrive même soudainement à me trouver quelque peu culotté de proposer comme ça une bibliographie à qq qui en sait certainement beaucoup plus que moi sur le sujet.

Oups, I forgot to write in English, sorry :-)

krn said...

I had already looked for the place.

I had found it on the way towards the botanical garden, because of the bend to the left.

Did the eyes of fishes remind you other glances?

A few time before the birth of my daughter, I made this dream:
I went to a freezer and I took out from there a frozen whole fish.
I carried it up to the river and I put it in the water in the affectionate. Little by little, the fish woke up and began to fidget. It looked at me with a particular glance. It had blue eyes.
When my daughter was born, the first glance which she gaves me was this one.

krn said...

Our posts crossed itself.

I did not read Swedenborg, just small fragments.
I believe more in my personal experiences than in those of the authors.

krn said...

It is really difficult to speak about this subject in a language which is not ours. I think of writing well enough English because I have to use the it in my studies, but I do not find the words to say all I want to.

If you forgot to write in English, maybe it is because the fact of speaking about this is more important for you than the fact of speaking in English.

Momo said...

Krn, I like very much your story about fish, it's beautiful like a fairy tale.

krn said...

Scandalous and immoral?

What I find scandalous and immoral, it is that certain murderers take out with honors and that innocents are inequitably killed.

If there is a true justice, it is normal that we have several lives.

Momo said...


We are agreed.

I continue at think about your dream about the fish, it's a very positive image, it's a kind of rebirth.

krn said...

This dream of revival of the fish is not the only one but it is the most explicit.

I made other dreams, more complex, but whose later events confirmed the interpretation.

I also remember events in which I participated and where I was a man... It was not a dream but a memory.

The first time when I spoke about that, I was a very little girl.

Momo said...

Hum... interesting, I also made a dream, when I was a little boy, in which I was a girl, a very plaisant, erotic dream, I felt the happy to wear a skirt, I loved to feel the contact between the legs. It's one of my oldest dreams.

krn said...

Was there anything else than this pleasant sensation? I want to say, the place, the other persons?

These elements are often very instructive.

Momo said...

In the dream, I went out of a special clinic, I think that I was accompanied by my mother and my sister (I'm not sure).

My sister is borned four years after my birth, it was a loss affection for me.

I remember that I was very impressed of her power of seduction.

krn said...

Do you believe that you don't have this power yourself?

The men often imagine that the women have assets which they do not have.

These details which seduce the men are maybe more visible, but are not necessarily more true than what seduces a woman when she notices a man.

Momo said...

I learned that, Krn, and I understand that a man can be also mystery for a women, but I spoke about my childhood, and in a precise moment of my life.

krn said...

The seduction is not that adults' affair, Momo.

The children know also how to seduce and it is even more convincing.

I understand what you say by loss of affection. I have I even a sister been born 4 years after me.

Momo said...

eAbsolutely agreed, of course,

When I was 4 years old, I was very sensible about seduction, and my sister, when she was borned, represented a kind of menace for me, because my mother did not give as much affection than before.

Agreed about the power of children's seduction, and welcome to the club of children who were been the younger during 4 years.

I learned, in an comparative ethology book, that the childrens have big eyes for to give a raise they seduction power, because they are still too much weak, they depend from they power of seduction towards adults.

The dilated pupils with Belladonna is a trick of seduction used since ancient times.

The law of life depend, and will depend always, a lot from the seduction.

krn said...

I was not just the younger child, I was the only one.

But I protected my sister against my mother, when she was angry, because I thought she was too little to be punished.

krn said...

And so I got used to interposing me in every conflict and and so the slightest quarrel puts me terribly under stress.

Momo said...

I see that you come from a difficult family, you too. Or I didn't understand ? But, maybe that all familys are difficult.

krn said...

There were no particular difficulties in my family. Just that the angers of my mother were very impressive for a child.

It is certainly for that that I had to protect my sister.

krn said...

It became little by little anxyogène and now, a quarrel activates an attack of panic.

I want to speak about a true quarrel and not about a discussion as about my blog with my cousin who is derisive but not hostile.

krn said...

I do not know if we can die from a lack of sleep. If yes, then I am certainly going to die in the next minutes.

It becomes urgent that I go to the bed. Even if this idea puts me under stress too.

Good night. I hope I'll have a dream of your beautiful Lake.

Momo said...

Ho, your discussions with your cousin are very funny, Krn, don't worry !

krn said...

Yes, and I have a lot of affection for him, in spite of its rudeness.

krn said...

It is impossible for me to go to sleep and it is a grave problem for me.
It is two o'clock in the morning and I stand awake now for 20 hours !

I must sleep !

Momo said...

Why the idea of going to bed is a such worry for you ?

Good night, and I wish you a sweet dream with the lake :-)

krn said...

I didn't dream of the lake. I don't remember anything.

As long as I remember, I never liked going to sleep.
When Mom came back from the hospital with my old younger sister of some days old, we slept in the same room.
As soon as my mother had closed the door, I was going with her in her bed which was very tiny.

Then, I went to boarding school and I was never alone.

When I sleep alone, I feel in danger, as if I was abandoned.

Momo said...

I understand why you like sleeping together.

I guess that you are alone currently.

For me, it's very difficult sleep with someone, my quality of sleep is too weak for that, we fight for the blanket, etc..

Your old younger sister of some days old ? You have differents fathers ?

Momo said...

Hum... this is complex, because "cadette de quelques jours" it mean that you aren't twins, but not sisters, also, because it must 9 months for make another baby.

krn said...

I made an error. In fact, I wanted to move "old" and I copied it. That means to say nothing.

I wanted to say :
my sister who was just a few days old.

I was myself 4 years old.

krn said...

There is another difficulty. I hate sharing my bed to sleep.

I am always too much hot, I sleep with the opened window and I throw the braid on the ground.

It is a hell for the other one.

krn said...

Damned !

I wish that no future lover reads these lines, otherwise, I am burned out...

Momo said...

Ahem, je suis bien désolé, krn, mais je n'ai pas compris.

Pouvez-vous me redire tout ça en chrétien ?

Lilian said...

Hi Momo & krn--
I'm joining this conversation thread to share my intimacies also :D ... It's very hard for me to sleep alone and I get the best sleep when I cuddle with the other person. Isn't it funny how are we all so different?
Best Regards!

krn said...

Je déteste partager mon lit quand je dors.

J'ai toujours trop chaud, je dors avec la fenêtre grande ouverte et je jette la couette par terre.

C'est un enfer pour l'autre.

J'ajoutais que je souhaitais qu'aucun futur amoureux ne lise ces lignes car sinon j'étais grillée...

krn said...

There is too much wind and the electricity was already cut several times.
I am going to stop my PC.

Good night

Momo said...

Good night, Krn, and thank you for your translation and your likeable visits.

Hello Lilian,

I'm very impressed by your super power.

Sleep with another person is so difficult for me that I prefer avoid that.

Momo said...

Krn, I discover this years the advantages of sleep with the window open. Now I sleep always like that, including in the winter, otherwise I'm ill.

Anonymous said...

Super power??

Momo said...

Yes, it's like super power (super poder) for me, because it's so dificult. You understand, my dear ? It was ironic, of course.

Apart from that, yes, I think that is funny, and fascinating, how are we all so different.

Momo said...

Super poder : me refiero a los super hombres, o super mujeres, superman, wonderwoman, etc.).

Anonymous said...

Yes, now I understand
Wonder Woman

Anonymous said...

Should I weigh in with my preferences about sleeping? ... I'm not sure. This is getting rather intimate (that's it, call me a prude Canadian). ;-) I've experienced both sleeping alone (obviously!) and with another person, and both can be enjoyable for me... provided I'm with the right person when sleeping with someone else. I generally sleep with two cats at my feet, so can I really say I sleep alone?

A vocabulary note for KRN: I giggled a little when I read "braid" in your text for "couette". I knew what you meant... but the English word is "comforter". The way you said it, you slept with a "tresse". I hope you don't mind my little note here.

I've enjoyed reading where this conversation has led so far...

Lilian said...

I think we are the only ones awake at this time ... :) I love the way you write, and I like your story. I also sleep with kitties, just one though, it's a she. She does not get away from my feet. She also has brother who guards the basement against field mice at night and sleeps during the day...
Warm Regards

Momo said...


You bring back me to my childhood, when my cats sleep with me on my legs.

I liked to feel the paws when they looking for the best place for sleep, and listen the purring.

I'm very glad that you like the branch structure of this conversation.

Momo said...

You have a lots animals, Lilian !!! One dog, two cats, what else ? Canary ? Panda ? Bonobo ?

When I was child I wanted an monkey.

My first friend animal was a pig, but he was been killed before my eyes, then I had to ate him.

After that, I didn't want anymore eat meat.

Lilian said...

You're still awake? I have one dog, two cats, and one husband ;)

Your experience with the pig is very moving. I am most surprised that adults do not realize how sensitive kids can be.

Anonymous said...

Now, I'm frankly laughing... yeah... having a husband can be akin to having an animal... at least that's the way my «husband» was... the cats are less maintenance!

It appears our friend Momo stays up late... and then he calls me a night-owl (noctambule)!

More seriously, something like what happened to you, Momo, happened to my father when he was a child. He had a pet rabbit that ended up on the dinner table... and somehow he's been hostile to having pets ever since. People's reactions can range dramatically: you became vegetarian and he became anti-pet.

krn said...

Thank you Doréus,
I just took the small dictionary of my children.
I have braids (pigtails?) on my head. They are long enough but not so to make a blanket !

Momo said...

Yes, Lilian, I went to bed very late last night, It's not very healthy.

Two cats, one dogs and one husband, four sources of affection around you.

Today, if I had to choose among the three, I would choose the dog.

You didn't yet showed your dog in your blog, or my memory serves me wrong ?

But, paradoxically, I have a precise image of him in my head, specially after your post before the window in front the sea.

Momo said...


Anti-pets, but how ? With phobia, or with afraid ? Or both ? He wants no longer see pets around him for able eat meat ?

Yes, like I said at Lilian, I went to bed too much late last night.

Momo said...

Lilian, you have plaits on your head ? Now, It will be difficult of make abstraction of that. Is it the celtic influence ?

Lilian said...

Doreus - So, you know what I was talking about... I'm glad you understand me hehehe ;)

Momo - I thought that you had seen pictures of my doggie on my FaceBook page; I also posted photos of the beach where I was this past weekend there. But sometimes, is better to let imagination run its own path instead of looking at the real thing; maybe my dog is not what you picture in your mind.

Krn - I also have long hair, but I don't wear braids. The description of your hairstyle made me think of Rapunzel... do you know that tale?

Momo - I know you meant to address your last comment to Krn. By the way, what does "plaits" mean?

Momo said...

Oups, sorry, Lilian. Strange confusion (but I think that the explanation is in the Bering strait). In my dictionary "plait" mean "trensas". It appears that this word to have many shapes.

Momo said...

Lilian, I must go see your dog in Facebook page. But, my relation with Facebook is complicate. It appears that you like a lot this tool.

krn said...

Hou la ! You all wrote such comments that I do not know where to begin to read and answer.

krn said...

I was friend with a piglet when I was eleven years old. The sow had thirteen of it and he was so small as it was necessary to feed him with a feeding-bottle, I gave him the name of Mickey. It was in June in a farm of Cantal where I spent a lot of time.

For Christmas, there was salted ham. It was delicious. One said to me " you have to like this ham, it is Mickey ".

I then said that when I shall die, I wanted that they salt me and eat me for Christmas.

krn said...

Yes, Lilian, I know Rapunzel.
I imagined myself letting my hair be lying in my garden through my window and I laughed.

Momo, my hair are not always braided, but it is true that I have the type more Gallic than mediterranean.
... Including horns.

krn said...

Be not mistaken, it is not because I put a fight of Uderzo on my blog that I look like Bonnemine, or (regrettably!) to Falbala.

The image which I chose as my avatar looks like me enough, although it is a painting.

Momo said...


It's incredible, with a few exceptions, your story is very similar to mine.

But I wonder if at the age of eleven, you were more resistant than me.

Personally, I have some sympathy for cannibalism, at least more than the fridge in the morgue in the hospital.

Momo said...

Hohoôôô,... ahem, do you like snakes, krn ?

Do you know Lucas Cranach, the painter ?

Momo said...

Krn, Lilian, who is Rapunzel ?

Anonymous said...

This is getting to really be fun. Now... while I was sleeping, a lot was written and I feel like I want to comment on a few...

Momo, thanks for putting a very positive spin on the similarities between pets and human companions: sources of affection. You are right.

And for the rest... I'll finish waking up and come back later!

Momo said...

Lucas Cranach 1

Lucas Cranach 2

Lilian said...

Rapunzel is a fairy tale character who was a prisoner in a castle. She had very, very long hair which she braided. In fact, her hair was so long that she could throw her braids over the window so her prince could climb in the castle to be with her... I think that's the way the story goes; I may be mistaken because after all, I have not read it in many, many years, from my childhood.

Lilian said...

Waking up?? what time it is where you are?

Lilian said...

If you look like the image in the picture, you're gorgeus! Good for you :)

Momo said...

We waiting for you Doreus, we are very excited to reading you.

Momo said...

Ho, the story of Rapunzel is very beautiful, It gives me goosebumps. There is a sexual connotation, also.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Momo, indeed... All fairy tales do have a hidden sexual dimension, especially if you're Freudian.

Lilian... It was half past noon when I finally stirred myself out of bed. I have to say I had gone to sleep at five in the morning... working hard on a photo album that will be unveiled in a couple of days on my blog (but already available by going to the «Photos thématiques» tab on said blog). It's a chronicle of my explorations with a friend around Alberta in mid-July... in 309 pictures with captions.

Adding to my previous comments, «pigtails» are «couettes» on either side of the head. Here, we call them «lulus». They are rarely worn by adults but common among young girls. And never worn by men... If I tie my hair, it's generally simply a ponytail (the hair tied at the back of the head). Most times I just wear it loose.

KRN, I'm not sure that Falbala's figure is within anyone's reach... I hope you don't have Bonemine's temper!

Oh, and Momo, my dad is against having pets in general. His excuse is that they are not hygienic (in his mind) and my cats give him one among many convenient reasons not to come visit... Who knows what the deep psychological reasons are, really. I only know about the trauma of the pet rabbit. He does tolerate dogs, provided they live exclusively outside the house.

That's it for now... I've got to prepare for a function at the college... yes, vacation is nearly over!

Momo said...

Doreus, thank you for your generous contribution (as usual), despite the fact that you have got too much work.

Bonemine was perhaps a pretty girl when she was young.

Yes, the end of vacation approach.

I think I can guess the deep psychological reasons of your father.

krn said...

Lilian, you are too kind. This creature is attractive only because she did not try to squeeze into the standarts of the fashion of the 21th century.

I never hope to have the character of Bonnemine.
I believe to be sensitive and tolerant. I forgive the sufferings which come from the others when I know that they are not made to hurt and I am capable of a lot of condolence.

krn said...

snakes do not frighten me.

The snake of my image represents the knowledge.

I have never stopped learning and wanting of to know more about it since I entered for the first time the school.

Animals are less cruel than people.

Momo said...

Cruelty is like erotism and the laugh, it's a specific human caracteristic.

But I prefer the vipers than the snakes, because they kill with anaesthesia.

Anonymous said...

O.K... back to happy moments after vipers!

Animals are indeed a source of unbounded kindness. And I stand reassured, KRN, about your character! You do exude tolerance and openness in your comments.

And now... I have to go prepare dinner!

Momo said...

Yes, but careful not angéliser the animals. Ethology shows us that animal behaviour is not only made of goodness and innocence, after all, it's the law of stronger.

Big debate in perspective.

Momo said...

J'ai mis le mot "angéliser" en français, car impossible de trouver ce mot en anglais.

Momo said...

À propos, bon appétit, Doreus :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes... animals can behave in ways that may appear "cruel" to us (especially carnivores) because it is in their nature to fight for survival. That is different from humans who willingly choose violence when other options are possible...

Indeed, animals must not be made into angels they are not; after all, they are not human and so must not be judged according to human criteria of moral behaviour.

Momo said...

I agreed with that :

"That is different from humans who willingly choose violence when other options are possible..."

We could to develop this interesting debate very far, but I think this is not the place and the moment.

krn said...

What would you say of " to angelize " which is on the same model as "to demonize" ?

Momo said...

Krn, c'est une façon de dire "colombe" ou "loup".

Je pense qu'il faut se préserver de verser dans une conception simpliste du bien ou du mal, c'est tout.

Anonymous said...

KRN, I approve... although it's not in the dictionary. However, English is a language where creating words through the addition of suffixes is quite allowed.

krn said...

I prefer "dove", Momo. The "wolf", I already have him on my blog, his name is Patton.

Momo said...


I hope your discords will find a solution.

Momo said...

Doreus, thank you for your interesting explanation.

krn said...

I think that the word "discord" is not really adapted. It is just a light difference of sight on a subject in particular. We agree on all the rest.

If this difference of opinion put our relation in danger, I would stop speaking about it. We were very close until my 8 years. Then, we never saw each other until last April.
Never I'll let him go away from me.
I prefer keeping silent.

Momo said...

Ok, I understood, Krn.