In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Jogging monologue 7 (short form)

360) This blog is in the process of doubting himself. This blog wondered where to go. This blog wondered whether it should continue. This blog is seeking himself.

361) This blog is officially finished, but something prevents him from stopping.


doreus said...

And happily, this blog decided not to be finished... and was reborn!

Momo said...

Yes, this blog reborn, and also thanks to you, Doreus.

doreus said...

Well... it would have been a pity had this blog died a year ago; I never would have gotten to know you!

Momo said...

And mutually (vice versa), Doreus :-)