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Saturday, December 29, 2007

In the belly of the armchair

362) Not finding my remote control, I finally decided to open my armchair with a razor blade and, believe it or not, it was there, I finally found.

363) That is not all, there were a lot of other things:

364) A dozen dry grapes.

365) A nut of entire pécan.

366) Half a walnut.

367) A television program of the week from 6 to 13 September 2003, titled: « Séverine Ferrer roule les mécaniques ».

368) A currency of 1 francs.

369) A currency of five centimes.

370) A currency of twenty centimes.

371) Six grape pips.

372) A olive core.

373) A quiès ball of wax, become black.

374) A receipt of a health food store dating back to 1997 indicating a purchase of 5 francs.

375) A piece of packing of dry grapes "Sun Queen" of the Migros dated October 23, 2003.

376) A label folded accordion of a bottle Valser "classic".

377) Twelve pens.

378) Five pencils.

379) A Spoon.

380) A butter knife.

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