In trying to write this blog in English I hope finally able to start jabber a few words in this language. I will mobilise various tools for that my text be in accordance with the rules of grammar and spelling. Thanks for your corrections and comments.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mnemonic trick - abysmal pain

- Knife = couteau, donner un coup de couteau, poignarder
- Bread = pain, "can we have some more bread ?" peut-on avoir un peu plus de pain ?
- Blood = sang, "in cold blood" de sang-froid, "it made me blood boil" cela m'a mis dans une colère noire, "it made my blood run cold" cela m'a glacé le sang, "it's in is blood" il a cela dans le sang, "new" ou "fresh blood" sang frais

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